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As dedicated Sims players, many of us who have loved the franchise since its inception, we want your Sims gaming experience to be the very best it can be. Through countless hours of personal gameplay, not only in Sims 4, but in previous Sims games as well, we’re here to help guide you to the ins and outs of every gameplay feature–while staying current with the latest updates and patches.

We know how full of possibilities–but at times overwhelming–the Sims 4 can be, both for new players and even returning veterans of the series. If you’re busy as we are, it can be challenging to keep up to date on new gameplay features, the announcement of new DLC releases, and more– all the while trying to find time to yourself to actually get into playing.

Whether you love spending hours in Create A Sim, find yourself in build mode constructing the next great modern villa, love getting right into gameplay, or dapple in all, SimGuided is here to help!

Here at SimGuided, our team of Sims experts will help you navigate core gameplay features, with a guide to gardening in Sims 4 to help you learn how to do homework and even adding more personality to your Sims by showing you the ins and outs of how to change traits in Sims 4.

Our extensive guides have all Sims players in mind. From beginners to Sims addicts and everything in between, there’s always more to explore in the Sims 4. Even seemingly simple features like roommates in Sims 4 can spice up your gameplay–and we apply our own passion for the game with our expert advice and experience– offering you just the amount of information you need so you’re back to gaming in no time.

Our Team at SimGuided are certified addicts who love nothing more than creating second lives for themselves. Our team has collectively played through hundreds of alternate lives, can’t begin to count how many houses they have built and decorated, they have mastered just about every career path there is to venture down, they know what Sims mods are worth downloading, they have spent more money on expansions than they care to admit, and they practically speak fluent Simlish at this point!

Our Sims Mission

Our mission is to be the most all-encompassing Sims guide on this side of the internet! We don’t want to be just another blog covering a news beat or a wiki page mindlessly posting lists of new items and additions. We want to make sure you can focus on having tons of fun in Sims, and thanks to our expert team of hands-on Sims players, we can do just that. With how complex Sims can be, we want to help you avoid any frustration or confusion that can sometimes come with playing.

We aren’t just any old Sims blog. We are a Sims encyclopedia, written by expert players that know this series inside and out. Our USP is authenticity. There are lots of Wikis and general gaming outlets that cover Sims. However, we don’t do so passively. We cover this series top to bottom, leaving no stone unturned as you aim to create the alternate reality of your dreams!

We know how much time and care goes into creating your idyllic life within The Sims, and we match that level of care and dedication when it comes to creating eye-catching and informational content. We don’t settle for surface level. We dig deep, we give the fans exactly what they are looking for, and we do so with a smile because we love this series just as much as you!

Our Content Process


We test the game ourselves, searching for the best, latest, and most importantly, immersive CAS, Build/ Buy, and Live Mode features in Sims 4. Our goal is to provide thorough but concise guides that take a candid look at what Sims 4 has to offer. All of our guides give you the ins and outs, always with a sincere look at both the possibilities and limits for the Sims 4 base game and expansion packs.

Whether we’re covering a base game feature like living off the grid in Sims 4, an expansion pack asset like the conservationist career in Island Living, or even taking a look at the creative modding community with a review of the popular Sims 4 Furry Mod, all of our coverage is guided by these principles:

Reviews for EVERY Sims Player

That means that the articles we choose to write have you in mind. It doesn’t matter if you have been playing since the first Sims game, or just bought Sims 4 the other day. Players of all experience levels and ages will find a guide to either discover new features or make the most out of the ones they’ve been using.

Realistic and Honest Insight

The last thing you need is guides that are hard to navigate or promise things that aren’t really possible. Our guides are driven by our personal gameplay experience, with no embellishments– just the best hands-on information you need. As gamers ourselves, we know just how important it is to get up-to-date information that actually is easy– and fun–to follow.

Skimmable, Immersive Guides

Whether we’re reviewing mods, base game features, or the best parts of an expansion pack, all of our guides have the busy gamer in mind, combining detailed information with readable, bite-sized sections so you don’t waste time looking for the information you need.

Insightful DLC Coverage

Whenever a new Sims 4 pack is announced– whether that’s a stuff pack or up to an expansion pack– we’re on top of some of the core features you need to know about. But we don’t just skim the surface. Instead, we take a look at how to make the most out of careers, gameplay features, new interactions, and more.

With a two-pronged approach, we tell you the limits of the base game, and also offer ways to enhance new features with a robust cc and modding community. You already know some of the new features–it’s our goal to show you how to make the most out of your new pack.

Approachable Coverage

Every gamer should be treated with respect, and that’s at the heart of our approachable coverage. Knowing what really makes Sims 4 gameplay shine, we cover all facets of the game without pandering, assuming, or brushing over must-know details. If you play the Sims 4, it doesn’t matter if you have every single pack, or just the base game. You’ll find everything you need to know about Sims 4 right here.

Real Modding Advice

sims 4

Let’s face it: there are far too many mods to cover for Sims 4, from script mods to small additions that make gameplay easier. That’s why we choose what mods we cover carefully, keeping an eye out for mods:

  • that are popular and widely used in the community
  • that are reliable and trustworthy
  • that provide benefits for a variety of gameplay styles
  • that, all things considered, are worth the download

In every Sims 4 mod or cc article, we give some tips on not only how to make the most of that custom content, but ways to add it safely into your game. Custom content and mods have the ability to enhance Sims 4 gameplay, but we also want to make you aware of potential downsides so you know whether or not that mod or custom content is right for you.

One more thing: your gameplay experience matters to us. Sims 4, and the entire Sims franchise, are full of possibilities, and we want you to be able to discover as much as you can! We know you’re as passionate about the game as we are. We hope our guides will open the door to hours of immersive gameplay, building, and creating unique sims. So start reading, then get back to playing! Get ready to experience The Sims 4 like never before.

Our Core Values

  • Innovation
  • Creativity
  • Passion
  • Reliable
  • Honest
  • Thorough

About Our Sims Family

Miah Schmahl – Obsessive Simmer


Miah is an avid video gamer! Miah’s favorite game is The Sims, she enjoys building and playing out wacky and imaginative scenarios with her Sims. In total, she’s logged over 4,000 hours between Sims 2, 3, and 4.

Why am I giving advice on SIM Guided?

Sims is one of my all-time favorite games! I’ve poured so many hours into these games and it’s truly my favorite game series. But I’m also aware that EA really misses the mark sometimes and I understand the frustrations of both new and veteran players alike.

How did you first get introduced to SIMs?

I used to play a lot of MMORPGs back in the day and roleplaying was my jam. However, as I got older I slowly moved away from playing primarily online and wanted a more solitary game. Sims was perfect because it mixes roleplaying, fantasy life, and some killer gameplay. Building and decorating have slowly become my favorite aspects of the game and I always make sure my Sims have the perfect space for whatever storyline they are a part of.

What’s your least favorite part about SIMs?

I guess I’ll be honest, the developer 100%. I can’t respect EA, with that said my love for Sims is very strong and the addiction isn’t something I’m trying to curve.

What’s one tip you’d give to anyone looking to get involved in the world of SIMs?

Play it on the computer. It’s much better, more customizable, and very vast. Between custom content, mods, and cheats you can create so many things and situations. I also advise you only buy the game, stuff, and kits that you are interested in. Otherwise, you get a lot of useless objects and gameplay. I’ve never gone to Batuu and I’m not interested in taking my sims on Star Wars adventure so I don’t need that pack.

Arron Kluz

Arron is a freelance writer who is an avid Sims player. He first found The Sims, by playing The Sims 2 on PlayStation 2 countless times with his older brother. Since he has gone through the entire series and almost all of its many expansion packs as the series became one of his favorite series to play while relaxing. However, he still wishes with each new release that the series would bring back the multiplayer offerings from the PlayStation 2 title that got him hooked.

Why am I giving advice on SIM Guided?

The Sims 2 was one of my first favorite video games that I sunk countless hours into. Ever since I’ve played throughout the entire series and love helping others enjoy the series that I know so well.

How did you first get introduced to SIMs?

I got a copy of The Sims 2 for the PlayStation 2 from a garage sale and played it with my older brother.

What’s your least favorite part about SIMs?

Roofs. I have had countless builds fall to pieces because I can never get the roof to look quite right.

What’s one tip you’d give to anyone looking to get involved in the world of SIMs?

Just enjoy and explore the game at your own leisure at first. Each game has a lot of different things to learn and optimize or challenges to try and it can become overwhelming. Just start out not worrying about it and explore the parts of the game that interest you before you start looking into the specifics of everything in it.

Katrina Dent – Die Hard Sims Geek


Kat became obsessed with Sims after a college roommate introduced her to the game. Since she started her first game, she’s been obsessed. There’s no other way that she would rather spend her time than to play Sims all day long. Once she got connected with other Sims players she realized how many people live, eat, and breathe for Sims too. Now, she loves sharing her passion and obsession with other like-minded individuals!

Why am I giving advice on SIM Guided?

There’s nothing else I love more in this world than Sims. I love how relaxed I feel with Sims! It’s my favorite escape and I love to share my escape with everyone. The first question I ask when I meant anyone new is if they’ve ever played Sims. I want to share the love with everyone! 

How did you first get introduced to SIMs?

I was a freshman in college and my roommate introduced me to Sims. I remember I would stare across the room and secretly watch her for hours. One day, she caught me watching her and introduced me to the world of Sims. I’ve been hooked ever since. 

What’s your least favorite part about SIMs?

The load time. 

What’s one tip you’d give to anyone looking to get involved in the world of SIMs?

Know that there isn’t a correct way to play Sims! There’s so much you can do, there are so many ways you can play. Don’t feel pressured to try to play like other people!

Stephanie Jensen – Lifelong Sims Devotee


Stephanie Jensen spent years of her childhood enjoying quality time with her Sims games. As someone who’s bought way too many expansion packs, she now needs a way to work to pay for her Sims addiction. So, she spends her time teaching others about Sims!

Why am I giving advice on SIM Guided?

I love Sims because it’s the closest game I’ve found to real life. I feel almost as if I can do a test run on Sims, with decisions I’d make in real life, to see if it’ll work out for me. Plus, it’s helped me to build relationships with people all across the world. I would love to give people the same tips and tricks to make Sims helpful to them, in real life!

How did you first get introduced to SIMs?

I was at Gamestop one day and I saw the cover of the new Sims game. I thought it was going to be a similar experience to all of those old animal vet games I used to play. After I loaded it for the first time, I spent seven hours playing. I loved how enthralled I became with Sims. The rest is history!

What’s your least favorite part about SIMs?

I don’t like all of the bugs. I live in Florida and I always say Sims has more bugs than a Florida swamp! 

What’s one tip you’d give to anyone looking to get involved in the world of SIMs?

I would recommend starting off with a premade family. A premade family is great for a beginner because they have some skills (so you’re not spending a lot of time building up skills). Plus, they come with money too, so it’s a lot less stressful getting started!

Erin Jamieson

Why am I giving advice on SIM Guided?

The Sims franchise has been a part of my life for over 15 years. From my first glance at the original Sims game to creating a YouTube channel dedicated to Sims 4 news and reviews, this game has made a dramatic difference in my life. I want to share my knowledge but also my passion for a game that’s allowed me to express myself creatively, spend time with loved ones, and meet people around the world.

How did you first get introduced to SIMs?

I was visiting a friend’s house and saw them playing the Sims. At the time, I begged my parents to buy it- but I wasn’t allowed to play until I was 12 or so- which was with the Sims 2. I spent many hours playing and building in Sims 2, alongside my brother and mother.

What’s your least favorite part about SIMs?

My least favorite part is how Sims 4 differs from 2 and 3: the sims don’t feel nearly as lively, nor do they have the distinct personalities I loved from previous games. The game has a ton of potential- but I wish Electronic Arts would invest a bit more in quality control.

What’s one tip you’d give to anyone looking to get involved in the world of SIMs?

Explore all your options! Sims 4 is a great game for building and is the best in terms of diversity and representation. But if you love an open-world concept and more customization, Sims 3 may be for you. Those who love mobile games could consider Sims Mobile. Above all remember that there is no one right way to play the Sims. You learn as you go along. Perhaps my very top tip is to join an online community- there are communities on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, TikTok, and even Reddit!


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