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I talk often about Sims 4: Island Living and its reception here on Sims Guided, and for reason: though a stunning pack, with some great features, like the conservation career, it also has some features that feel a little incomplete, like mermaids– lending simmers to rush for the best Sims 4 cc.

The anticipation of the 2019 announcement for Sims 4 Island Living was incredible. I knew, as did most simmers in the community, that there’d be an announcement for a new pack launch at EA Play. While many were speculating, that speculation only grew wilder when there was a leak just one day before EA play, revealing what turned out to be official screenshots of the upcoming expansion pack.

For some, the reveal was all about the stunning world of Sulani, complete with white sand beaches, crystal clear water, and captivating sunsets. I was excited to explore the new cultural traditions, while some builders in the community couldn’t wait to get their hands on the new items to build stilted homes right on the ocean’s shore.

But little brought quite as much enthusiasm as the new cults that came with this pack: mermaids.

Undoubtedly made with stunning animations and compelling customization options in create-a-sim, when the pack released some felt those features were more limiting than they’d hoped.

The good news is that the modding and custom content community immediately began work. In this article, I’ll guide you to the very best mermaid cc for Sims 4 so you can make the most of this occult– or even use some cc in your base game to mimic a mermaid for your storylines, machinimas, and more.

Sims 4 Mermaid 101

While I’m not going to go into detail about every feature that comes with mermaids in Sims 4, I wanted to start with a brief guide as to the extent, and limitations of gameplay and customization for mermaids– as well as some reasons why you might want to consider downloading some cc and mods.

Best Sims 4 Mermaid CC

Where can I Find a Mermaid in Sims 4?

You can find mermaids technically in any world in Sims 4, as townies travel from world to world, but you won’t have any mermaids unless you own the Island Living expansion pack. Furthermore, to see mermaids in their mermaid form, you should travel to Sulani. You can catch them swimming in one of the more open water regions of the ocean.

How do I Make my Sim a Mermaid?

To make your sim a mermaid, you can either create one from scratch to create a sim or turn a current non-occult sim into one through some relatively easy gameplay.

Creating a Mermaid

To create a mermaid, enter CAS as you normally would. Click on the Character icon in the left corner of your screen. There will be a pop-up option to add an occult; select to add a mermaid. You’ll see a sim icon pop up directly above the original. One is the sim’s human form– how they appear on land– and the other is their mermaid form– how they will appear while swimming. For their mermaid form, you can customize their tail and top, as well as occult eyes.

Becoming a Mermaid

To become a mermaid, you’ll simply need to eat mermadic kelp. You can either buy mermadic kelp through the Rewards Store for 500 satisfaction points, or you can search for it within Sulani. While this kelp does not work like the typical plant you can cultivate through gardening in the Sims 4, you can obtain it by

  • Becoming friends with a dolphin
  • Perform friendly interactions with a dolphin and get your relationship up. Eventually, you can teach the dolphin to fetch, with a chance that they will retrieve mermadic kelp
  • Searching Sulani
  • You can also find kelp by exploring fishing locations within Sulani, reaching one of the orange buoys, or beside the cave located in Mua Pel’am

What Can Mermaids do in Sims 4?

Mermaids cannot explore underwater, as they could in Sims 3, but the game does come with a few special skills and abilities. Mermaids don’t have a skill tree, meaning, unlike vampires or spellcasters (Sims 4: Vampires and Sims 4: Realm of Magic), mermaids have almost all their abilities right away.

Mermaid powers can be accessed by clicking on your mermaid sim under the mermaid option in-game.

Changing the Weather

Mermaids can change the weather in Sulani, with the ability to start thunderstorms, make it rain, or make the stormy weather dissipate.

Befriending Dolphins

Mermaid sims have a special relationship with dolphins– they’ll find interactions easier and dolphins will naturally come to you, rather you seek them out. Also, you’ll get long-lasting Happy buffs from being around dolphins

Mermaid Kiss

A mermaid’s kiss is simply a special romantic interaction available to mermaid sims. They can kiss other mermaids and humans alike while in the ocean.

Siren Call and Song

Mermaids have both a siren call and a lullaby, both of which can impact other sims. Lullabies result in removing emotional buffs, including embarrassed and uncomfortable, but also energized and focused, depending on the charm. Meanwhile, the siren’s call allows you to lure in another sim and pull them underwater. The siren’s call cannot kill other sims, but it does leave them in a stressed mood.

Who Should Consider Mods/ cc for Mermaids in Sims 4?

Mods and cc are not available for console players, because, as of now, both PlayStation and Xbox version of Sims 4 doesn’t support custom content. If you’re playing Sims 4 on Mac or PC, you can easily download custom content– just make sure you download from a secure site and place package files in your mods folder under the Sims 4 folder on your computer.

Fully explore the CAS options and gameplay options– if you find that the gameplay for mermaids is too limiting, I recommend looking into script/ gameplay mods. If you’re longing for more mermaid tails or even mermaid-inspired fashion, there’s some great cc.

And of course, I always recommend being cautious when downloading custom content.

Best Mermaid CC and Mods: My Picks

I’ve selected my favorite mermaid cc for Sims 4, all of which add something to your game– from stunning new options for mermaid scales, tails, and even dramatic eyes– to gameplay mods that add aspirations, more interactions, and even unlock more swimming options.

Sims 4 Mermaid Mods

Gameplay mods for Sims 4 mermaids expand their special abilities, add aspirations, and make their skills more impactful. I’ve even included a mod that allows you to have a mermaid tail for non-occult sims.

Expanded Mermaid Mod by SpinningPlumbBobs

Expanded Mermaid Mod

If you only download one mod for mermaids for Sims 4, it should be this expanded mermaid mod, which was updated this year and is often patched with updates and any bug fixes. Besides being a regularly updated mod. I also love that this mermaid mod really makes mermaids more nuanced and even adds new mermaid types!

New Mermaid Interactions

The new interactions include ‘dive for kelp’ and ‘fetch fish,’ as well as ‘dive deeper.’ Diving for kelp allows your mermaid to momentarily go beneath the water’s surface to grab kelp, while dive deep opens up at a level 5 fitness skill and allows your mermaid to catch more unique fish. You can also sleep below the surface of the water, speed swim, and sing a ‘mesmerizing melody’ to make other sims have romantic feelings.

New Mermaid Types

Now, in addition to mermaids, this mod gives you kelpies and sea witches. Kelpies are described as shape-shifting monsters and have unique abilities, such as a shocking touch and the ability to produce and emit light. While they present as a human form during the day, they always change into their kelpie appearance at night. Do note that you cannot customize the kelpie’s appearance.

Sea witches are perhaps the most impressive addition this mod brings. Any mermaid or sim with the Child of the Ocean trait can become a sea witch by attaining a magic spell book, found in the ocean. This unlocks spells pertaining to the ocean, but even other abilities, such as summoning lightning, teleportation, and more. Sea witches have skill levels– at level 5, even more, options open up, from earning money to impacting romance and more. Spells rely on Aquatic Energy, a new need specific to sea witches.

All told, this is an excellent mod. Download Here.

Mermaid Aspirations by Marilyn sims

Three new aspirations, specifically with mermaids in mind, are available– though they do require both Sims 4 Seasons and Sims 4 Island Living. It is worth noting that these are shorter aspirations, with four levels. These include the Siren Aspiration (found under Deviance), the Ariel Aspiration (found under Love), and the Mermaid Experience Aspiration (found under Knowledge). Each comes with unique goals and a unique description. You can download all aspirations at once, or pick and choose. Download Here.

Stronger Mermaid Buffs by zeldagirl180

Mermaid Buffs by zeldagirl180

Ever feel like mermaids just don’t make as large of an impact as they should? This mod seeks to address that issue by altering the strength of the moodlets other sims experience as a result of mermaid powers and actions. Instead of a meager +2 moodlet, now actions will have a +10 moodlet result. For now, I will caution, as the creator also notes, that the display will still read as a +2 moodlet, but it will function still as the stronger moodlet. The creator also notes that they are working on this issue. While imperfect, it does add consequence to a mermaid’s actions that I feel Island Living is lacking. Download Here.

Swim Around Pools by Tekniah

Swim Around Pools by Tekniah

Though not exclusive to mermaids– which arguably makes this even more useful– this mod is a simple tweak that makes for more expensive swimming. In Sulani, you can swim around in the ocean, but in pools, one mostly has the option to swim laps. The mod allows you to have that same swimming around options in pools like you could in the ocean– perfect for the quirky mermaid who has a house with their own pool, or who finds themselves wanting to live outside of Sulani. Of course, it’s useful for any sims. Download Here.

Sims 4 Mermaid CAS CC

If you’re just looking for greater customization beyond what Island Living offers, take heart. I’ve compiled a list of mermaid cc and mermaid-inspired cc that your sims can wear in the water and on land.

Mermaid Tails

Mermaid Tails

You can find a whole collection of cc mermaid tails under the skin details category on Sims Resource, with options for everything from a silver glittering tail to multicolored gradient mermaid tails, simple pastel mermaid tail recolors, and even a Nemo inspired mermaid tail.

Cow pattern mermaid

Outside of Sims Resource, I recommend Mod the Sims. Though the collection is more modest in size, I love the koi mermaid tail, as well as the goldfish mermaid tail. All add bright playful new options for making more distinct mermaids.

Mermaid Scales & Sets

Mermaid Scales & Sets

You can find mermaid scales and full sets, mostly all maxis match, on both Mod the Sims and Sims Resource. If you’re looking for a full set, I recommend this 22 piece set of leg scales and chest scales for masculine and feminine mermaids, which are highly versatile: you can wear scales over clothing and even mix and match for unique combinations.

For a nod to a Disney classic, consider this Little Mermaid-inspired shell bra. For a truly unique and artistic option, consider this fantastic Nilo mermaid top, or this starfish opal shell.

Looking for a mermaid cc that will seamlessly blend into your game? I recommend full mermaid sets from Sims Resource, such as this glimmering mermaid set and this pastel-hued mermaid set.

Mermaid Eyes

Mermaid Eyes

Ever wish your mermaids looked a bit more sinister? While Island Living does come with eyes specifically for mermaid occults, these glowing mermaid eyes are at once eerie and stunning– and they work as new swatches to the default mermaid eyes, so they won’t take up too much space in CAS. Download Here.

Mermaid Ears

Mermaid Ears

These mermaid ears are available for all ages toddler and up, for both masculine and feminine sims, and feature a distinct pointed shape for a whimsical look. I like how unique these can make your sims look, and I love that they’re available for all ages, but I will warn you that you’ll have to play around with them a bit in CAS. If you make the ears large, they may be especially noticeable from the back. Other than that, this is a unique piece of Sims 4 mermaid cc. Download Here.

Mermaid Dresses

A mermaid silhouette can be great for any confident sim, as a dramatic look for a formal occasion– but it’s also a nice nod to a mermaid who wants a connected but not too-on-the-nose fashion sense on land. While you can find maxis match and alpha dresses for feminine sims in many places I recommend the mermaid dress collection on Sims Resource.

Some standouts include a stone embroidered mermaid dress in classic hues; this stunning Zuhair Murad inspired gown; an alpha leaning, elegant silence mermaid dress; this v-neck mermaid dress featuring semi-sheer cut-outs; an embellished waist evening gown; an elaborate lace and silk mermaid wedding dress; and a classic off the shoulder mermaid gown.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Which sims are mermaids in Sims 4?

Answer: While you can make your own mermaids by creating a sim, or become a mermaid by eating mermadic kelp, there is one premade townie that comes with Sims 4 that already is a mermaid. Nalani Mahi’ai, the star of the Island Living trailer, is a young adult female mermaid sim that lives in the world of Sulani, with a serial romantic aspiration and the child of the ocean, cheerful, child of the islands, and alluring traits.

Question: Can mermaids have babies in Sims 4?

Answer: Just like other sims, mermaids can become pregnant in Sims 4, but their offspring are not always mermaids. You won’t be able to tell if their children are mermaids until they are teens.

Question: Can mermaids kill in Sims 4?

Answer: Mermaids cannot directly kill, just as no sim in Sims 4 can kill without a mod. Instead, mermaid powers can have a positive or negative impact on other sim’s moods. They also have the ability to summon inclement weather, in the form of thunderstorms.

Final Thoughts

Mermaids in Sims 4 add some gameplay, but with the best mods and cc, they can make a bigger impact. Thanks to the talented modders and custom content creators in the Sims community, I continuously see innovation, new ways to play– and ways to keep the gameplay in Sims 4 fresher– even if a pack doesn’t always meet everyone’s expectations.


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