Best Sims 4 Baby CC: Most Unique Picks You Can’t Miss

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As an active member of the community and content creator for Sims 4, I can assure you that there are few things more controversial than babies– which may explain why many seek baby cc (also known as custom content) to help remedy the problem. CC, content custom created by the community, allows you to make your game– and in this case, babies– more unique.

That’s right: while the baby life stage of a simulation game may not sound like something that would cause controversy, many are still hoping to see what we’d call improved babies– that is, babies that aren’t objects. In fact, petitions for improved babies have circled websites such as, and floated on Twitter, amongst other avenues to try to catch Sim’s team’s attention.

But whether they finally will have updated babies in Sims 4 by the time you read this– with many simmers continuously hoping for such an update– the good news is that there are still ways to improve babies, with the help of some of the best Sims 4 cc.

In this article, I’ll give a brief overview of babies in the Sims 4, why you might want to consider cc, and how they find the best baby cc so this life state can feel more personal and realistic– and may even help you enhance family gameplay in Sims 4.

How to Get Babies in Sims 4

How do you become pregnant in Sims 4?

Babies in the Sims 4– at least how to have one– is very much in line with how to get a baby in Sims 2 and Sims 3. The main way to get a baby in Sims 4 is to click on another Sim with whom you have a high level of romance with and choose the “Try for Baby” interaction. Note that the “Woohoo” interaction will never result in a baby.

Sims will automatically find the nearest woohoo spot to try for a baby. You can also directly click on places where a woohoo is permitted (for example, beds, woohoo bushes, and even the dumpster if you have the Eco Living expansion pack) and select the “Try for Baby” option.

You’ll know you’re successful by taking a pregnancy test. This can be done by selecting a toilet and clicking the “Take Pregnancy Test” interaction. You will either get a notification, or you’ll have to try again. Note that while an elder male sim can get a female sim pregnant, elder female sims cannot become pregnant. Only adult and young adult sims can carry a baby.

Can two female Sims have a baby Sims 4?

While same-sex relationships were possible back during Sims 2, and same-sex marriage possible back in Sims 3, it was not until Sims 4 that same-sex couples could have children of their own. In fact, nonbinary sims also have this option.

This option came with the Sims 4 gender update, which expanded the customization option for gender expression. With this update, you can enter create a sim and select whether or not that sim can become pregnant, regardless of if they have a feminine or masculine frame. Simply into CAS mode either directly or by using a dresser or mirror and opting for the “Change Sim” interaction.

In CAS, there will be a bar with a few dots directly below the life stage selector. Here, you can customize everything, from a masculine or feminine frame to clothing preference, how they use the toilet, and whether or not they can become pregnant.

How do you adopt in Sims 4?

Of course, an adoption is an option for all sims if you don’t want to go through the process of pregnancy. Adoption is a quick and simple process. Simply find a computer or use your ever-connected smartphone and select “Household” and “Adopt.”

Adoptions cost one thousand simoleons and you’ll have the option to adopt a baby, toddler, or child, so long as you aren’t already up to your household limit of 8 sims and/ or pets (cats and dogs fill in a slot just as sims do, though hamsters and fish do not).

Why should I consider Baby CC for Sims 4?

Maybe you’re not sold on custom content, or maybe you’re new to Sims 4– or perhaps both. But if you are new to Sims 4, and especially if you’ve played previous sims games, you may just find that some baby cc is what you need. Let me explain.

Babies are objects, in that they are forever attached to their bassinet, unlike in Sims 3 and Sims 3. The interactions are limited, and babies in Sims 4 are randomized. Rather than their appearance reflecting genetics truly, they will have one of a few skin tones, and be placed in one of a few base game bassinets.

Not only that, but, while there are interactions besides feeding and changing baby diapers, many feel that there aren’t enough to truly make a Sims 4 baby feel like part of a family.

If you’re not on console (unfortunately, custom content is not yet available for console Sims 4 players), and you have enough storage, Sims 4 baby cc can add more customization, both from an aesthetic perspective, and even more, interactions to upgrade babies more to feeling like actual sims– whether or not the team chooses to update them.

How do I find the best Sims 4 Baby CC?

I’ll admit it: finding the best sims 4 baby cc can be challenging. Not only are there far fewer options (understandably so) for baby custom content, as compared to other life stages, but it can be challenging to find cc that is secure and of the quality you want.

The good news is that there are some great pieces of custom content that can really improve babies in Sims 4. Individual content creator’s Patreon pages (most custom content goes for a free, public release a few weeks after debut), The Sims Resource, Mod the Sims, and occasionally, other outlets, such as Pinterest and Tumblr, can link you to some interesting custom content for babies.

But today I’m going to share with you my top recommendations for the best cc you can download for babies in Sims 4– from appearance changes to accessories for nurseries, and even gameplay script mods.

Without further ado, here are my top picks.

Script/ Gameplay Mods

Script mods change up to or add to your gameplay. These are great options so long as your computer can handle them. You should download script mods just as you would any custom content for Sims 4– place package files (unzipped) in your Mods folder under your Sims 4 folder.

Better Babies & Toddlers Mod by Cathedral

If you don’t download anything else, I highly recommend this as the best baby mod for Sims 4. This mod goes above and beyond another baby cc, in that it really does add realism and gameplay for sims taking care of a baby. As a family player, I like how it makes Sims 4 babies more interactive. Do note that you cannot use this mod with any mod that alters the base game bassinets– but it is base game compatible. I will note that the bulk of this mod is related to being a parent.

The mod adds a new functional menu for interactions. New interactions include: complain about feeling exhausted; talk about returning to work; talk about babies; share self-care tips with new parents; promote breastfeeding; discuss First Christmas; debate about diaper brands, and complain about baby teething. Each interaction also includes corresponding moodlets, with the option to work with other custom content moods (linked on the mod page).

You’ll also get new, unique moodlets from interacting with your baby, with unique descriptions such as ‘sweet moment,’ ‘a lovely lullaby,’ and many more. In addition, you have an option to read a parenting magazine, and new interactions for toddlers, too. Download Here.

Easygoing Baby Mod by egureh

If you’re trying the 100 baby challenge– or just find your sims with a full household– taking care of a baby can be a challenge. And while technically during something like the 100 baby challenge you aren’t ‘supposed to use mods, there’s no judgment from me if you do. While I personally enjoy challenges in my Sims 4 game, I could also see this mod as being handy if you’re trying to do a machinima, let’s play, or simply want to focus on other sims.

This simple mod allows your baby’s needs to decay more slowly, leaving you time for other sims in the household, and/or other tasks. The need for decay is halved, meaning that you’ll only have to tend to your baby’s needs every other day. There’s even an option for a no needs decay–if you’re really not into taking care of your baby’s hunger and bladder needs.

Download Here.

Ghosts Can Have Babies Mod by PolarBearSims

If you’re a fan of both family gameplay and supernatural gameplay, take heart: you can have a ghost family with this mod by PolarBearSims, a creator who I mostly know for their Have Some Personality Mod, which can be downloaded nearly two million times.

This talent modder brings some baby care into a ghost’s experience. I’ve always found it odd that ghosts in Sims 4 can have romantic relationships, and even marry but not have babies, and this mod remedies that. Do note that this does not allow your ghosts to have ghost babies. Rather, this mod simply unlocks the ‘Try for Baby’ interaction for ghosts. Babies will be born as normal babies in Sims 4.

Make sure you download the latest version of the mod to ensure it works. This mod, like the previous mods, is base game compatible. Download Here.

Baby Without Crib by Kiolometro

Tired of your baby being confined to their crib? This mod by Kiolometro allows your baby just a little more freedom, if only in appearance. Essentially, it replaces the default bassinet and frees a Sims 4 baby to be placed on any flat surface. A favorite way to use this mod is to pair it with custom content cribs and beds– which is why it can actually be incredibly useful. Say goodbye to blah base game bassinet and free your baby up to a more unique and personalized option. Download Here.

CAS and Build/ Buy CC

Creating a Sim and building/buying custom content all adds aesthetically pleasing updates to your game, but in the case of baby cc, it really does help address the lack of personalization for Sims 4 babies. While it’s only surface-level additions, I like cc for nurseries and even onesies to make the stories I want to.

Baby Onesies

Just as all Sims 4 babies come with one default bassinet, they also are dressed in default, and frankly bland onesie. Custom content creators come to the rescue for replacements to make your baby stand out a bit more.

Little Lamb Default Skins and Outfits by Martine

This option replaces both the default skins and baby outfits. All three default skin tones are replaced, as well as new baby outfits, which feature green, pink and blue stripes paired with gray pants. I love that the cc also includes a PSD file. This unique file allows you greater customization, with options to swap different eye colors with different skins, or even create your own defaults to replace, if you’re savvy. This mod also works with the Nifty Knitting stuff pack onesies. Download Here.

Mcrudd’s Mixed Baby Outfits Set

From colorful purple onesies to two printed white ones, these baby outfits provide a little for personalization and interest beyond your default. I love the classic alien and llama nods, for an iconic look to mainstays of the franchise. Download Here.

Mcrudd’s Bear Baby Outfits Set

These onesies are cute and simple replacements for the default onesies that don’t stand out too much from the default base game. Pink is automatically selected for females, blue for males, and green for alien babies. Download Here.

Mcrudd’s Incredible Babies Outfit Set

My final pick for onesies from Mcrudd on Sims Resource is this set featuring the beloved Incredibles logo and iconic red hue. It also pairs with an eye mask. Do note that the baby’s eyes will always be a bright blue. Download Here.

Nurseries and Baby Rooms

There are precious few nursery items in Sims 4 right now, no matter what packs you have. While there are ways to spruce up a nursery by using some items that came with Sims 4: Toddler Stuff, there’s a lot to be desired. The good news is that there are some high-quality nursery furnishings and set, both more maxis match and alpha cc, on The Sims Resource. There are a total of 29 complete sets to choose from, but here are a few of my favorites.

Severinka’s Lily Nursery

This beautifully designed Sims 4 nursery set provides 9 maxis match items: an alcove, alcove bumper, decorative crib (unless you have the mod), pillows, living chair, poof, floor lamp, and cupboards for medium and short wall heights. The color swatches lean soft pastel and feature a pleasing aesthetic that can fit in most traditional and modern homes. Download Here.

Severinka’s Nana Nursery

The same talented creator delivers another one of my favorite Sims 4 nursery sets, though this set will likely appeal to fans of more realistic, alpha cc. The clean style is modern while still feeling cozy, featuring 10 objects: a decorative crib, pennants, a dresser with three swatches, a toy horse, posters, a toy basket, and a paper box. I especially love the animal posters and the Scandinavian style. Download Here.

JomSims’ Acnassy Nursery

These whimsical maxis match nursery can be used with the baby without crib mod (see above) and comes in lilac, pink, blue and neutral hues. The 11 piece set includes a crib, rugs, loveseat, decorative pillows, rocking chair, wall white, decorative changing table, toybox, curtains, and wall art. I am especially fond of the koala bear pictures and the ethereal curtains. Download Here.

NynaeveDesign’s Aura Nursery

This is perhaps my favorite nursery for Sims 4 babies if I had to pick just one. Not only have I used it in my own build before, but it’s simply charming and unique– while still feeling not out of place for a variety of styles. Items come in green, orange, pink, and blue variants. The 11 piece set includes a crib, bumper, baby blanket, canopy, baby mobile, zebra pillow, nursing chair, leg rest, throw blanket, dresser, and changing pad. Download Here.

To see all nursery options for Sims 4 on Sims Resource, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How long do babies stay babies in Sims 4?

Answer: Babies stay in the life stage for anywhere from one and a half up to twelve days, depending on how long of a life span you have set for your sims. For a short life span, the baby stage is just a day and a half. That increases to three days for a normal life span, and twelve for a long life span.

Question: Can you accidentally have a baby in Sims 4?

Answer: In an unmodded Sims 4 game, you have to actively try for a baby, though mods, including MCCC (master controller command center), can allow your sims to autonomously try for a baby on their own; you can also adjust the percent chance you’ll be successful. There are also mods that enable accidental pregnancies.

Final Thoughts

Sims 4 may still need some tweaking for family gameplay– which is in high demand for 2021– but the good news is that a robust modding and cc community can really help personalize your game and fill in some of those gaps, as this baby cc shows.


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