Sims 4 How to do Homework Guide: All You Need To Know

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When you think of gaming, homework probably is the furthest thing from your mind– but in the Sims 4, knowing how to do homework is the key to becoming a successful student, integral with the parenting skill, and impacts your Sims’ life in a few ways.

One thing’s for certain: whether you’re trying to raise a family, or cramming study sessions in between dorm parties, knowing how to do homework is a must in the Sims 4– and there’s more to it than you might think. Consider this your guide to homework, and all things related, in the Sims 4.

Homework in Sims: A Brief History

Homework has been signature gameplay in the Sims franchise. As a life simulator, it only makes sense that, just like players have to contend with paying bills, cleaning dirty dishes, and juggling careers with relationships, parenting, and everyday life. And it’s actually rather interesting to see how doing homework in the Sims has been important from generation to generation, but also evolved.

Here’s a Sparknotes version of the history of homework in the Sims franchise.

Sims 2

Homework was not a mainstay of the original Sims game, but it was in the Sims 2. In the Sims 2, homework was important for teens, kids, and the then-new young adult life stage.

Children and Teens

A child and teen in the Sims 2 were required to go to school (with options for both public and private). Homework was generated daily. After the bus brought the kid home, that child Sim would have a physical copy of homework in their hand. Normally, homework would be set on a desk or nearby surface, though I remember many times it would just as often be placed on the ground. Completing homework had a direct effect on the Sims’ grades. Every day without incomplete homework resulted in a deduction.

A teen’s homework was a duller color, compared with the bright hues of a kid’s homework. If a Sims’ needs were not met, then they would likely not finish homework. When a Sim aged up, their homework automatically disappeared.

There were a few basic interactions for children and teens with homework in the Sims 2.

  • Work on Homework
  • Complete Homework
  • Ask for Homework Help— this could be asked of any older Sim, and not only helped Sims complete homework more quickly, but also allowed them to complete homework more efficiently in the future.

Young Adults

Young adults were introduced in the Sims 2 University expansion pack, and have since become perhaps the most popular life stage in the Sims franchise. In the Sims 2, this life stage was limited to the University expansion. These young adults worked on assignments in order to influence their grades. It worked in a similar way as with kids and teens, though in addition to homework, they also had exams to deal with.

Sims 3

Sims 3 continued the homework system from Sims 2, making it clear that doing homework would become an expected gameplay feature in the Sims franchise. In many ways, Sims 3 kept the same basic systems for homework intact but enhanced it through new traits, packs, and an updated interface.

Children and Teens

School, again, was mandatory for children in the Sims 3, with a new boarding school option for no private school. If a Sim was sent to boarding school, there was nothing that you needed to worry about in terms of completing homework. Otherwise, it worked more or less the same way: new homework was generated and had to be completed for every school day.

New features included:

  • The ability to do homework with a Sim of the same age
  • The ability to copy homework (which could send them to detention)
  • Ability to work on past due homework
  • Enhanced homework completion with the workaholic and bookworm traits or if your Sim was a vampire (Sims 3: Supernatural expansion)
  • Homework became a hidden skill
  • Sims with an A average could select their new trait when they became a teen or young adult
  • Grades listed in the new Simology panel

Young Adults (and Adults)

Sims who opted to attend college (via the Sims 3: University Life expansion pack), of course, had homework of their own. Homework, or assignments, were fairly similar to Sims 2, and, like Sims 2, the grades were determined by other factors like exams, but also somewhat how they behaved in their seminars, as well as outside projects.

Homework in the Sims 4- Your Guide

If you’ve played previous Sims games, the good news is that homework in the Sims 4 isn’t too different from previous Sims games. But like each generation, there are different tricks and tips you need to keep in mind to be successful, whether you are just looking to complete homework to help teens pass high school, or your Sims are tackling on a degree at the University of Britechester or Foxbury Institute of Technology.

Here’s what I think you need to know.

Children and Teens

Children are required to go to school, and Sims 4 does arguably take a step back in that public school is the only option for children and teens.

Getting to School

In a curious move, Sims 4 does not have any transportation that picks Sims up. In fact, the lack of even cars in the game has been a source of contention. In any case, a school bus won’t pick up children or teens, nor can you watch them make their way to school, as you could in the Sims 3. Instead, children and teens will either automatically transport themselves to school, or you can prompt them.

Decisions During School

Especially if you have Sims 4 Parenthood game pack, you can influence teen and child Sims’ days at school, at least a little. Pop-ups may occasionally come up where you are given a scenario, just as another kid caught cheating, or your Sim being teased. Some of these will impact your Sim’s mood and social life. Sometimes, a child or teen will also ask for advice, which is tied to Sims 4 Parenthood parenting skills.

Locating Homework

As was the case with Sims 2, there is a small distinction in the appearance of children and teens’ homework. Children Sim will have a yellow Grade School Handbook, which, when not being worked on, is typically in their inventory. Teen homework is a blue notebook.

If you’re like me, though, sometimes homework gets lost in the house. If that happens you can actually purchase homework from a bookcase for a single simoleon. And unlike in the Sims 2, homework isn’t assigned to one Sim in particular, meaning a kid can complete their homework even if it wasn’t their original copy.

How to Do/ Complete Homework

To work on homework, simply drag it out of your Sims’ inventory and click on it for the “Do Homework” option. You can have your Sim to do homework all at once, or pick it back up after taking care of their needs. Remember, your teen or child Sim will be assigned homework every school day, with no new homework on weekends.

Homework and Grade Performance

Knowing how to do homework in Sims 4 is helpful for grade performance, but it also isn’t the only factor. In fact, by building skills, working on projects, and even keeping your Sims in a good mood, you can remain a fairly good student even when you skip homework from time to time.

Sims that are at a B or A average also will have access to the “Do Extra Credit” option. This pops up after they complete their homework for the day and you select their homework a second time (homework doesn’t disappear after being completed like previous Sims games). Extra credit is a chance to boost your Sims’ grades even more.

School Projects

School Projects are a unique feature exclusive to the Sims 4: Parenthood game pack. Available to teens and children, Sims can both work on their own projects and assist others. Working on a project builds all child skills at once.

Unlike homework, there is no official deadline for school projects so there aren’t penalties for however long it takes. Once a project is completed, the student can start on a new one. Adults can help both teens and kids; kids can be helped by teens/.

You’ll be able to select from one of seven projects, all available for purchase on build mode. The completed project will be rated as excellent, good, or poor. Siblings may get upset with one another if their project is destroyed by a brother or sister.

How to Do Homework Faster

I admit; sometimes I get impatient with doing homework in Sims 4, especially if I have other plans for the family. The good news is that, if you work on your Sims’ skills, you can speed up the process for children.

You’ll need to work equally on the four major skills for Sim Children: creativity; mental; motor; social; and mental. Level 3 of all of these allows you to “Breeze through Homework” while level 7 allows them to “Dominate Homework”.

For teens, your only real option is installing a mod (which I will discuss later).

University Students

Young adult and adult Sims can attend one of two campuses if you have the The Sims 4: Discovery University expansion pack installed. Homework, as you might imagine, is part of the equation–but the homework system looks different for adult and young adult Sims than it does for younger Sims, which impacts how you should do homework.

Getting Accepted

I won’t go into a full guide to the Discover University pack, but, in a nutshell, you Sim will have to first apply using a computer. Based upon their previous grades, skill set, and some other factors, they will either be offered or denied admission to the program of their choice at the University of Britechester of Foxbury Institute of Technology.

There is also the opportunity to gain scholarships and take out loans to finance their education. In my experience, most get accepted to school but may be limited to pursuing an honorary degree. Humanities-based degrees at Britechester, like English Literature, are honorary, while if you want a science or technology degree with distinction your Sim should attend the more modern Foxbury.

Homework Load at University

Homework is a part of the university experience in Sims 4, and doing it will help your Sims’ performance. Homework appears in their inventory (as a black and white book) and is meant to be completed before every class. You can also purchase homework from a bookshelf or the college’s kiosk (found out on the quad).

Classes are usually in the form of seminars and do not last all day, but your Sim, depending on your enrollment decisions, will likely have at least two classes per day, meaning you’ll have to juggle multiple assignments.

Other Types of Homework

In addition to doing daily homework, Sims need to attend class regularly. You’ll also be working towards end of the semester exams, final projects, and term papers, depending on the class. Doing homework daily is helpful in keeping their grade average high, and putting a little less pressure on a term paper. It is possible to flunk out of college, so doing homework on a regular basis and attending classes is a must.

How to Make Homework Easier

Knowing how to do homework doesn’t cut it, though. Between classes, roommates, parties, extracurriculars, and just taking care of basic needs, if you’re like me, you’ll want to tip things in your Sims’ favor a little. Here are some tips

  • Work on skills related to their major, or current classes
  • Keep your Sim in a good mood by keeping needs in check
  • Decorate your space with objects that exude a “Focused” mood (you can see this if you hover over objects in buy mode)
  • Lock your dorm room to other Sims when studying
  • Work on the Research and Debate skills
  • Study in the library or another place if your roommate is partying
  • Live off-campus and apply the “Study Spot” lot traits

Using Mods for Better Homework

If you know how to do homework in the Sims 4 but want it to run more smoothly, another option is to download a mod. I always caution that mods are at your own risk, and they can break, so make sure you check to see that the mod has been updated and that you’re downloading from a secure site.

Better Autonomous Homework by LittleMsSam

This mod fixes what many saw as a deficit in the Sims 4 homework system, by making sure that child Sims will do their homework without your prompting. Now and Sim with an A, B, or C average won’t require you to direct them to do their homework, at least initially.

There are optional add ons, too, such as careers affecting the speed they complete their homework; automatic transfer of homework to inventories when not in use; and a mod for NPCs. Read/ Download Here.

Faster Homework (University Edition) by Scarlet’s Mods

As the name suggests, this mod allows your Sims studying at college to do homework faster. While homework normally takes 150 Sim minutes to complete, this mod allows them to complete it in 10, 25 or 50 minutes. It’s truly a huge time saver. Read/ Download Here.

Subject Homework by ScarletQueenKat

Subject Homework adds a little nuance and potential storytelling element for how to do homework for teens and kids in the Sims 4, all the while improving skills. Children will now be able to practice vocabulary (improves motor skill); review social studies (increases social skill) and do math problems (improves mental skill).

Teens can now solve algebra problems (increases logic skill); write a fitness article (raises fitness skill); practice creative writing (increases writing skill); and study music theory (improve the guitar skill).

Download/ Read Here.


Question: Where is homework located in The Sims 4?

Answer: You can find homework in your Sims’ inventory. Sometimes. Sims will work on it and place it elsewhere. If you lose homework, it can be purchased from a bookshelf for one simoleon, or at a University kiosk for college students.

Question: Can you grade homework in Sims 4?

If you have Sims 4 Discover University installed, you get an opportunity to grade homework if your Sim is in the Education Career. To grade homework, you need to navigate to the Education Career menu. From there, you can access student homework.

Final Thoughts

Knowing how to do homework in the Sims 4 can make your playing experience a lot easier. With the help of skills, and maybe some mods, homework will take up less of your gameplay time, while your Sims still stay top students–if they, and you, so choose.

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