Best Sims 4 Alien CC You Need To Try ASAP

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The Sims franchise generates $5 billion. This game is only more popular than ever. That’s because The Sims 4 offers exciting additions, such as aliens! Sim aliens were first introduced in The Sims 2, but aliens only became more interesting and powerful with every installment of the game.

In The Sims 4: Get to Work expansion pack, Sims can visit outer space and bring back aliens as pets. You can also play as aliens in the expansion pack. To play as an alien, you’ll have to make a special alien Sim. To do so, you’ll need some interesting mods.

Alien Appearance CC and Mods

To be an alien, you have to look like one. These CCs will make your Sim look out of this world!

Skin Recolor

What’s the best way to make your Sim look like an alien? Give them unique colored skin! From bright purple to neon green, you can download this CC to create a seriously unique Sim. The mod offers 77 color swatches, so your options are endless.

Best Sims 4 Alien CC

The goal of making an alien Sim is to make it look as not-human as possible. With that being said, how many humans do you know have antennas? Exactly. Make your alien look like a humanoid bug with these antennas.

These antennas hang down, looking extremely freaky and cool. This mod offers antennae in different colors to match the unique skin color you gave your Sim in the previous section.

Alien Eyes

The sclera is so overrated. If you’re designing an alien, they need to have some seriously freaky eyes. That’s what this CC can offer. From blackout eyes to holographic colors, you can give your alien Sim some of the craziest eyes.

Overall, these eyes are beautiful yet unearthly. Your Sim will truly look like he/she belongs in the cosmos.

Alien Makeup Palette

Do you think your alien Sim picks up makeup from the drugstore? Or will they bring their crazy celestial makeup with them from their homeland? If the latter sounds more appealing, there’s a CC that gives your Sim some crazy makeup looks.

From crazy chromatic shades to scales on the lips, your Sim can look out of this world (no pun intended) with these seriously alien makeup looks. The alien lipstick CC offers 25 different lip varieties to make your alien look fully glamorous.

Best Sims 4 Alien CC lip colors

Star Skin

While you can give your Sim a unique skin color, you can also make their skin sparkle like the stars with this CC. Unlike typical glitter, star skin will make your Sim’s skin look beautiful as if they walked out of the Avatar movie.

This CC includes 18 different star skin varieties to illuminate your Sim’s skin all day and night.


Are you more into robotic aliens? Don’t worry; there’s a CC for you. This cyborg CC will turn your normal Sim into The Terminator. From a cyborg mask to crazy red eyes, you can transform your Sim into a cyberpunk supervillain from another galaxy.

Third Eye

Are you seriously giving your alien Sim two eyes? C’mon. The third eye is a manifestation of psychic powers. In other words, why not make your alien Sim read minds and practices telekinesis? Do so by giving them a literal third eye.

Okay, fine. The third eye CC is only an accessory. It won’t magically give your Sim psychic powers. Sure, this is only an accessory, but it will look super cool.

Alien Suit

If you’re creating an alien, it has to wear something similar to an outfit you would see in The Fifth Element. The solution? An alien suit! These spacesuit-esque outfits are ultra-glamorous, making them look like very fashionable robots.

There are various alien clothing CCs available, from full-on spacesuits to some seriously cool space boots. You never have to worry about roaming the galaxy and not having something awesome to wear.

Headpieces and Crowns

Will your alien Sim wear a baseball cap? Please. You’ll want to give them a cool headpiece to make them look like they’re truly from a galaxy far, far away. Give your Sim a headpiece that even Queen Amidala would envy.

From alien Valkyrie helmets to crazy crowns, you’ll show off your Sim’s unique looks to the human world.

Other Alien CCs

Your Sim can’t only look like an alien; they have to act like one. These CCs will give your Sim powers and abilities that only exist within extra-terrestrials.


While alien abductions do occur in the Get to Work expansion pack, you can increase the frequency by downloading the alien abductions CC. You’ll start seeing more hotspots in residential areas and even community lots.

Even if you don’t create alien Sims, your human Sim can increase their chances of meeting a real-life alien!

Alien Abilities

Sure, these mods will make your aliens look cool. But do they come with super cool alien powers? Maybe not. But you can change that with this alien abilities CC.

This CC can increase or decrease the needs of your alien Sim. You’ll also have a new need called Brain Power. Your alien Sim can also boss around human Sims.

Best Sims 4 Alien CC abilities

General Alien CC

Not sure what to decide? Then choose this Stellar Stuff Pack. Included are celestial tattoos, alien clothing, and more. We especially love the new Build and Buy stuff. You can even make your home look like an alien laboratory!

How to Create an Alien Sim

You can create your alien Sim in the Create a Sim section, as you could with past Sim additions. When you download the alien appearance mods, they will be available in the corresponding Create a Sim category. The maker will likely provide additional instructions.

You can still create a cool alien Sim without the use of mods. The game includes unique eyes, alien faces, alien makeup, pointy ears, and non-human skin colors. However, alien CC mods are useful because they offer more than what comes with the game. In addition, humans can also use some of these appearances, such as the alien makeup.

You also have limitations when designing alien Sims in the game. There are fewer styled looks and skin details for aliens. But The Sims game manufacturers have improved this. For example, alien Sims were previously not allowed to have hair, which changed recently.

Alien Abilities

There are many reasons why you would want to create an alien and not a human. That’s because aliens come with some cool abilities. Here are a few of the coolest ones that you can access — even without a CC.


Aliens can easily feel the emotions of other Sims with this ability. They can also take on the emotions of other Sims.

Analyze Personality

Aliens are more advanced than humans in many ways, such as obtaining the ability to immediately analyze the personality of other Sims. They can discover all of their traits even before meeting them!

Disguise Self

This is one of the most famous abilities. Alien Sims can disguise themselves to look like humans! They do this to hide their true identity. It’s seriously like something in Men in Black!

Alter Disguise

Are you sick of your human disguise? No problem. You can alter your disguise whenever you want. This is essentially the same as the Create a Sim feature, except that you can’t change your name, traits, strength, or body size/shape.


Aliens can use probes, which are mechanical devices, to scare other Sims. In science fiction, probes are often used to observe Earth from a distance.

Other science fiction sources state that aliens place probes in…well, our behinds. There are many theories as to why, but most science fiction states it’s an easy way to take over our bodies.

Either way, no Sim wants a probe “up there.” That’s why showing off an alien probe to a human Sim will scare them silly. The prank gives a Sim the “Probe Panic” moodlet for four hours. You can show off the probe in the Mischief interactions.

Erase Mind

As if it was something out of Men in Black, alien Sims can also erase the minds of other Sims. They can do this after the human Sim discovers their true alien identity. Keep in mind, this interaction can reset the relationship the alien has with the human. You can erase their mind by accessing the Mischief interaction.

Transmute Crystal, Metal, and Elements

Aliens can transmute many objects such as crystals, metals, and elements. This means that aliens can change it into something else and can even alter its Rarity.

Resurrect Dead Alien Collectibles

If an alien reacts with a dead alien’s collectibles, they can make the collectible come back to life. An alien collectible is the little alien that astronaut Sims can take back to earth with them and keep as pets.


Question: Are Sims 4 CCs Bad?

Answer: For the most part, it’s perfectly safe to download mods and CCs. Creators likely don’t put viruses or malware into the downloads. They make their mods and CCs because they love the game and have a passion for expanding everything you can do on The Sims 4.
The only thing to worry about is if the website is infected with viruses or malware. Because of this, you should still exercise caution when downloading Sims 4 mods and CCs.

Question: What Are Other CCs for The Sims 4?

Question: Who Are the Best Sims CC Creators?

Question: How Do You Upload Your CCs to The Sims?

Answer: Fortunately, you can easily merge your new CC in The Sims 4 Studio. The Sims 4 Studio website offers a detailed tutorial to help you out.

Question: Do You Have to Merge Your CCs?

Answer: Many players merge their CCs in Sims 4 Studio, which puts all files into one file. While it helps, it can cause problems. For example, if there are issues with one of the files, you can’t get it out of the merged files.

Question: How Do You Unmerge Your CC?


Is your CC causing you problems? Maybe a file is slowing down your game, slowing down your computer, not working, or taking up too much memory on your computer? Don’t worry; you can unmerge your CCs.

YouTuber itsmeTroi offers the easiest tutorial to unmerge the files from your game using the Sims 4 Studio.

Question: What Is an Alpha CC?

Answer: When you’re looking for CCs, you may come across Alpha CCs. But what are these? Alpha CCs are the most realistic looking. This is contrary to Maxis Match, which means they look similar to the game’s graphics.

Question: Can You Get CCs on Game Consoles?

Answer: What if you don’t play The Sims 4 on your PC? If you play The Sims on your game console, you’re probably wondering if you can still get CCs. Unfortunately, PlayStation and Xbox don’t add CC functionalities to their games. However, they may change this in the future.

From Makeup to Unique Skin Colors: The Best Alien CCs for Your Sim

Are you wondering how to make your alien Sims look more, well, alien? If so, you should consider any of these alien CCs. While most are to change their appearance, some CCs give your alien Sims more power and make them, well, more alien-like.

As an alternative, your Sim can discover new alien species by becoming an astronaut. Need more CC suggestions and other Sims tricks and secrets? Continue reading our website! We offer guides, cheats, and more. And our content isn’t limited to Sim aliens. We offer all types of content for all Sims players!


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