The Sims 4 Career Guide: Careers List

Most people play games to escape real life and take a break from work. But for peculiar Sims 4 players like myself, we’re instead invested in careers, skimming career lists, and looking for a way to guide or Sims to get to work as efficiently as possible.

While some players have bemoaned that they want more careers in the Sims 4, not only is a new career coming–the Salaryman Career with the Sims 4 Snowy Escape–but I’ve also been impressed by the ways Sims 4 has added careers even outside of packs.

From base game free patches giving Sims 4 players new freelance career tracks to career updates, there’s a lot to explore. This is your guide to careers in the Sims 4, complete with a careers list; career cheats; the highest paying careers, and even some must-have career mods for additional gameplay.

Does my Sim Have to Have a Career in the Sims 4?


Sims, of course, are never required to have a career in the Sims 4, but you do need to find a way to pay the bills. As in the case with other Sims games, bills come regularly, whether you’re living in a mansion overlooking the Hollywood-esque lit hills of Del Sol Valley or making do with a rodent-infested studio apartment in San Myshuno.

Paying Bills

Bills in the Sims 4 arrive once per Sim week and can be paid teens, young adults, and adults through a computer, mobile phone, or (my personal favorite) the good old mailbox. Bills are imposed not only on your house but also on utilities.

And in a departure from Sims 2 and Sims 3, anything you own, including your inventory, is part of the worth of your possessions and affects how high your bills will be.

Ways to Reduce Bills

Even if you have your Sim on a lucrative career track, you may have reasons for wanting to reduce bills. My favorite was including giving your Sim the frugal trait (via the reward story, which gives you a ¼ reduction for your bills) or living off the grid (25 percent tax break and no utility bills). Of course, simply scaling back on your inventory or home are also smart ways to reduce bills.

What Happens if you Don’t Pay?

Not paying your bills in all Sims games carries consequences. After a patch update with the release of Sims 4: Discovery University, Sims 4 echoes past Sims games with the return of the Repo Man. However, the Repo Man only comes to take items after the electricity has been turned off (which occurs in 2 Sims days) and bills still haven’t been paid. In other words, not paying your bills in Sims 4 means your Sims may be miserable, but it’s fairly easily resolved.

Alternatives to Sims 4 Careers

Want to pay your bills, but aren’t into the typical career track? Technically you can get by without having a career in the Sims 4, but it certainly makes for time an unsteady income. It also arguably takes more work to have a household without anyone pursuing a career than it does holding one down.

Here are my favorite ways to make money in the Sims 4 that don’t involve a traditional career.


Fishing is a classic way to earn money without a career in the Sims 4. Fishing, of course, is tied directly to the fishing skill. As you continue to fish, you’ll develop the fishing skill and be able to catch more precious fish species, and thus, make more money. The handiness skill is also helpful, while certain traits and aspirations, like Loves the Outdoors and Angling Ace will also make your life easier.

You can fish in a number of bodies of water, but not all. Simply hover over a pond or lake and you’ll be given the option to fish.

If you own Island Living, I recommend using fishing traps. If you wish, you can also fish from a canoe. If you want an additional perk, create a mermaid Sim in the Sims 4 Island Living. They’ll have the power to lure in fish using the special Aquatic Lure skill.

Gardening, Painting or Writing

In some ways you could argue these are careers of their own, and while there are career tracks that tie into these activities, you can also pursue them at will.

You can write books and sell them; garden and sell your harvestable; and paint portraits, which you can sell directly from your inventory, or set up a store (Get to Work expansion required). Of course, you’ll need to continue practicing to max skills and earn more. In the case of gardening, leveling up means more gardening capabilities.


There are collectibles in any world that you can store in your inventory and sell. Collectibles can be found from specific packs but also in the base game. Some frequently mentioned collectibles in the Sims 4 include frogs; crystals; metals; fossils; space rocks and shells from the beaches of Sulani.


To be fair, most Sims players have cheated or even actively use cheats. I like using money cheats especially if I’m setting up a certain storyline or just want a Sim to be able to afford a lot in the pinnacles. But the downside to money cheats is that you take away the challenge and potential story telling of careers in the Sims 4. To pull up the Cheat Console, enter“Ctrl + Shift + C. The type in one of these two cheats:

  • “rosebud” or “kaching” =1,000 simoleons
  • “motherlode” =50,000 simoleons

Self Employment

Self-employment is also another option, where you can essentially cobble together a career. This is good for storytelling if you want the freedom of making simoleons on your own terms but don’t want to be labeled as unemployed.

To declare self-employment, register your Sim with the Ministry of Labor from a smartphone or computer. You won’t have promotions, pop-ups, tasks, or any branches. I don’t normally bother with registering as self-employment, but it is a great option.

Opening Your Own Shop

You can use the retail system with the Sims 4 Get to Work expansion to open up any store you like. That is, you can make everything from a toilet store to an art gallery. You need to start by assigning the lot type to retail through the manage worlds menu, which will allow your Sim to purchase the lot.

There’s a lot of nuance to the retail system, from stocking shelves to setting prices and managing employees. It’s a lot of work and can be glitchy, so make sure you’re ready to invest and have a higher-end computer or not all packs installed.

Careers List


Of course, the more practical and consistent way to earn money in the Sims 4 is to pursue a traditional career, and there are many of them. Here’s a list of all the careers in the Sims 4, from the base game to pack specific careers.

Here’s a list of careers with different career tracks. Unless otherwise specified, all are rabbit hole careers.

Part-time careers are also included here and can be held by Sims teenagers and up. Freelance and part-time careers in the base game chart also include a few pack specific ones, as noted.

Base Game Careers

Career Track Branches Helpful Skills
Astronaut Career Space Ranger; Interstellar Smuggler Logic, Fitness
Athlete Career Professional Athlete; Bodybuilder Charisma, Fitness
Business Career Management, Investor Charisma, Logic
Criminal Career Boss, Oracle Mischief
Culinary Career Chef, Mixologist Cooking/ Gourmet Cooking
Entertainment Career Musician, Comedian Guitar, Violin, Piano/ Comedy, Charisma
Freelancer Career Digital Artist, Photographer *(Moschino Stuff Pack), Programmer, Writer, Crafter *(EL) Specific to track
Painter Career Master of Real, Patron of Arts Painting, Logic
Part Time Gigs Babysitter, Barista, Fast Food Employee, Manual Laborer, Retail Employee, (Island Living: Diver, Fisherman, Lifeguard) Depends on Track; Various
Secret Agent Career Diamond Agent, Villain Branch Logic, Charisma (Mischief for Villian)
Style Influencer Career Trendsetter, Stylist Writing, Charisma, Painting, Photography
Technology Career eSport Gamer, Entrepreneur Programming, Video Gaming
Writer Career Author, Journalist Writing

Cats and Dogs

Sims 4 Cats and Dogs comes with the active Veterinarian career. The vet career works most like operating a business through the Get to Work retail system vs a traditional level based career.

You’ll see a cash register icon in the bottom right of your screen on the world overview. Select buy a Vet Clinic and your lot. From there, you’ll news specific items, such as an Exam table. Once you open your business, Sims will automatically bring their pets. Your job will be to treat and diagnose.

City Living (The “Active Career” Edition)

City Living careers are semi-active, which means, in my opinion, you get the best of both–the convenience of a rabbit hole when you want and the more interactive and exciting element of an active career to level with, whether via social media, as a critic or in the political track as a quasi national leader.

These are among my favorite careers.

Career Branches Helpful Skills
Critic Career Arts Critic, Food Critic Music, Writing, Comedy, Painting/ Cooking, Writing
Politician Career Politician, Charity Organizer Charisma
Social Media Career Internet Personality, Public Relations Charisma, Comedy or Mischief

Discover University

Career Branches Helpful Skills
Education Career Administrator, Professor Research, Debate, Logic, Charisma
Engineer Career Computer Engineer, Mechanical Engineer Handiness, Robotics, Programming
Law Career Judge, Private Attorney Research, Debate, Charisma

See more amazing features from Discover University:

Eco Lifestyle

Eco Lifestyle comes with a single career, as well as the Crafter Freelance Career.

Career Tracks Helpful Skills
Civil Designer Career Civic Planner, Green Technician Logic, Handiness, Charisma

Get Famous

Get Famous comes with a single main career, which is a fully active Acting career. Like the active careers of Get to Work, promotions are based on a mix of things; in this case, reputation/ celebrity fame level and completing tasks are a must.

Charisma skill and acting skills, taking on gigs, taking risks in auditions, and selecting reputable acting agencies as you level up are all part of the fun and challenge.

I will note that while I like the concept of this career, it is none to have extra performance issues.

Get to Work

All three career tracks in Get to Work are active careers, meaning you actually follow your Sim to work and play out their day. Every career has just a single branch. Promotions are focused on completed tasks more than skill level. Your options include Detective; Doctor and Scientist.

The Doctor career allows you to treat and diagnose patients; it also brings with it the ability for Sims to have babies born at hospitals. The Scientist career gives you the possibility of exploring the alien planet/ hidden world of Sixam, and with the Detective career you can interrogate suspects and hopefully solve cases.

Island Living

Sims 4 Island Living comes with part time jobs, as well as one main career, with semi active options. The Conservationist career is a nice tie in with the Island Living pack. Like the careers in Eco Lifestyle, what you do has the ability to impact your world. In this case, cleaning up beaches helps restore the environment and allows new plants to bloom and you’ll also see new life in the form of sea turtles hatching.

Career Tracks Useful Skills
Conservation Career Environmental Manager, Marine Biologist Logic, Charisma


Seasons come with a Gardening career, though keep in mind you can technically make a living off of gardening without entering the official career track (it’s just less stable). The floral designer career requires you to actively make floral arrangements, while with the botanist career, you’ll need to complete involving harvestables.

Career Tracks Useful Skills
Gardening Career Botanist, Floral Designer Gardening, Logic, Floral Arrangements


Strangervile, for such a unique game pack concept, took me by surprise by adding the traditional Military Career. The career is semi-active, with some tasks but also the ability to work from home.

Career Tracks Helpful Skills
Military Career Covert Operator, Officer Fitness, Logic, Charisma

Making the Most Out of Careers in the Sims 4

Vet career

No matter what you choose, there’s no doubt that careers pose challenges. And because of that, a little guide to making the most out of careers in the Sims 4 never hurts. Here are my top tips if you do decide to pursue a career track.

Highest Paid Careers

Want to get rich fast? A career track probably isn’t for you (cheats) but there are some careers that are more lucrative than others. The top ten highest-paid careers in the Sims 4 are, in descending order:

  • Diamond Agent
  • Villain
  • Investor
  • TrendSetter
  • Botanist (Requires Seasons)
  • Insetllar Smuggler
  • Stylist
  • Computer Engineer (requires Discover University)
  • Officer (requires Strangerville)
  • Covert Operator (requires Strangerville)

Career Cheats

A shortcut way to make more money is career cheats. But career cheats in the Sims 4 aren’t just for making more money. I like to use them to set up storytelling, and if I have a specific objective in mind. They can also help if there are glitches with a career and you want to skip ahead.

Cheats for Promotion and Demotion

Open up the cheat console and enter careers.promote (career). For example, careers.promote activist.

It’s the same for demotion; careers.demote (career). Make sure there are the period and space between demote/ promote and the career name.

Cheats for Adding or Removing Careers

Again, open up the cheating console and follow this format: Careers.add_career or Careers.remove_career .

For example: careers.remove_career astronaut

Career Tips

If you’re struggling with a career, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, check the career and see what traits are needed for promotion. Often, if your Sim isn’t getting promoted, they either do not have the required skill level, or their work performance is low.

Skill Building

Skill-building can be done with countless skill items and should be pursued outside of work hours to get the biggest boost. For your best chance at building skills quickly and efficiently, make sure your Sim is in a good mood. Some moods may be more helpful than others.

For instance, an inspired mood is especially helpful for artistic endeavors, while focused is helpful for building skills of logic.

Work Performance

Work performance, like skill-building, has a lot to do with the mood your Sims is in. To ensure they are in a good mood, make sure to satisfy their needs before work shifts. Another way to boost performance is to select options such as work hard while in a rabbit hole. Keep in mind, though, that working hard or too much will bring down their mood, so it’s all about balance.

Networking and Reputation

Knowing other Sims may help you in your career; in some cases, it’s part of the job. But in any case, a wider social network will give you more options to build skills. Meanwhile, if you have Get Famous installed, a positive or even famous reputation can give you perks that’ll make your career path easier.


Question: What’s the best career in the Sims 4?

The best career in the Sims 4 depends on your perspective. Freelance careers offer more flexibility and may suit a busy lifestyle.
Part-time jobs are the best option for Elder Sims, who may get fatigued more easily but still want to earn some income; they are also a good option for Teens. Sims 4 Get Famous and Get to Work are the best packs for active careers, while the semi-active careers that come with City Living offer a happy medium between rabbit hole and active careers.

Question: How do you create jobs in the Sims 4?

While you technically don’t create your own careers, you can register as self-employed and cobble together a variety of ways to earn income, just as gardening, collecting, and more. You can also run your own business if you have the Get to Work pack.

Question: Can Sims have multiple jobs?

Sims can hold multiple jobs only by installing a mod. The multiple jobs mod is available for download on the Sims Catalog, though it has only been adapted to work with certain careers. You’ll also need to check that it’s compatible with the latest game patch/ update.

Question: Can Sims have multiple jobs?

Sims can hold multiple jobs only by installing a mod. The multiple jobs mod is available for download on the Sims Catalog, though it has only been adapted to work with certain careers. You’ll also need to check that it’s compatible with the latest game patch/ update.

Sims 4 Career Mods

It’s worth mentioning here (although likely a subject for an entire article), there are some great Sims 4 careers mod options out there. Some worth checking out are:

Final Thoughts

Careers in the Sims 4 range from challenging to easy, and with the wide range of freelance, rabbit hole, active and part-time jobs, there’s really no shortage of options for Sims to start a new life.

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