Sims 4 Culinary Career Guide

Sims 4 Culinary Career Guide: How To Boost Your Culinary Career

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Did you know that 32 million Sims have been created in the Sims 4? That’s lots of deaths, WooHooing, and more! Out of these millions of Sims, they have pursued a variety of careers. And I’m sure the culinary career is one of the most popular.

Does your Sim love food? Do they love nothing more than cooking for their friends or hosting the bar at parties? If so, the culinary career path is the perfect option for your Sim! Here, I will go over the basics of the culinary career path, the different career branches, and how your Sim can succeed in this path.

About My Sim

I enjoy making specific Sims characters when I do these reviews. For the culinary career path, I decided to make no other than Martha Stewart. Unfortunately, I had a difficult time making a Sim that resembled her.

Culinary Career Branches

Culinary Career Branches

There are two different careers within the culinary branch: mixologist and chef. Here’s a look at both.


Do you Sim love the art of making drinks? If so, they will love becoming a mixologist! The mixologist knows the ins and outs of various ingredients and mixers to make the perfect drink. When you complete this career path, your Sim will be able to make drinks that inspire other’s emotions. Pretty cool!


This is what most people think of when they think of a culinary career. As a master chef, you’ll be able to make any meal gourmet. When you complete this career branch, you’ll be able to make food that will never go bad! If only that was a thing in real life!

Culinary Career Levels

Like every career branch, your Sim will have to start at the bottom of the totem pole and will work their way up. Here are the different levels and jobs.

Culinary Career Levels


  • Assistant Dishwasher
  • Head Dishwasher
  • Caterer
  • Mixologist
  • Line Cook

All of these tasks require you to prepare food or mix drinks as your goal. You’ll also have to reach higher levels in certain skills, such as cooking and mixology.

From here, you can choose your branch. The careers have different levels.

Mixologist and Chef Branches


  • Head Mixologist
  • Juice Boss
  • Chief Drink Operator
  • Drinkmaster
  • Celebrity Mixologist


  • Head Caterer
  • Pastry Chef
  • Sous Chef
  • Executive Chef
  • Celebrity Chef


Are there any cheats to advance further in your culinary career? There are a few.

To earn a promotion, open up the cheat command (Control + Shift + C) and then type “careers.promote culinary.”

You’ll also want to enable testing cheats so you have more cheat options as far as Sims and even objects go.

Suggested Traits

All Sim players know that the specific traits you choose depend on your success in your career. Here are the suggested traits for each career branch.


As a mixologist, you’ll not only need the inspiration to make different drinks but you have to be outgoing and charismatic.

That’s why your Sim should have the “good” and/or “cheerful” traits. These are exactly what they sound like — your Sim will be happy and will generally have a positive moodlet. Your Sim’s customers will feel good when they’re around your Sim so they will keep coming back to order drinks (and your Sim will earn lots of tips).

In addition, outgoing also helps. Your Sim will thrive in social settings, making them perfect for the job. However, they will constantly need to be surrounded by other Sims.

Bro is also a recommended trait. Don’t worry, female Sims can be bros, too. The bro trait will instill confidence in your Sim and they will gain energy easily.

Finally, “creative” will ensure your Sim makes delicious drinks and will stay inspired to make new recipes.

While this isn’t completely necessary, the “neat” trait will ensure your Sim will tidy up their work area. They can easily find mixers, juices, etc. resulting in them making more drinks quickly.

Looking online, other bloggers recommend the “foodie” and “snob” traits. Foodie is more essential to the chef role, but the foodie trait will benefit mixologists. They can quickly identify poor quality drinks, improving your Sim’s mixology skills.

In addition, I gave my Sim the snob trait and I don’t recommend it. I’ll discuss more in another section.


Chef and mixologist share many of the same traits. Your chef Sim will also want to be cheerful and neat for the same reasons.

From my experience, the creative trait is essential to chef Sims. Some of your aspirations (we will discuss this later) include cooking while inspired. I didn’t give her this trait and now I regret it.

Obviously, your Sim has to be a foodie. They become happy when they eat high-quality food. You can also identify when a food or drink is of poor quality. In addition to cooking, your Sim can gain more food knowledge by watching cooking shows and reading cooking books.

Finally, other bloggers recommend the “perfectionist” trait. Even though your Sim will take longer to cook, they will make better quality meals than your average Sim. You’ll gain positive moodlets when you make a great meal but will gain a negative moodlet when making a less-than-perfect meal.

My Traits

My Traits

Which traits did I give to Martha? I gave her many of the recommended traits, such as foodie and outgoing.

Remember how I said I don’t recommend the snob trait? This trait left my Sim in a negative mood constantly. In addition, she was always bored. Her fun bar was always low, so she constantly needed to read a book or watch TV. This took her away from her goals, skills, and career.

I also gave her the trait “essence of flavor.” This is similar to the foodie trait. Your Sim will gain certain moods when performing any task related to food, whether that be cooking or eating.

Suggested Aspirations

There are two aspirations I recommend for Sims pursuing this career path: Master Mixologist and Master Chef.

Master Mixologist

This aspiration is obviously ideal for Sims who love making drinks and want to master this skill. Some of your goals include making drinks of excellent quality and making drinks for your friends.

The milestones include:

  • Bar Tenderfoot
  • Electric Mixer
  • Beverage Boss
  • Master Mixologist

When you complete the mixologist aspiration, you’ll earn the Potion Master reward trait. This is what we mentioned earlier — your Sim can inspire moods, depending on what drinks they make for your Sim.

Master Chef

Is your Sim a foodie who loves everything culinary? Make it their life goal by pursuing the Master Chef aspiration. The Master Chef aspiration is pretty intense; your Sim will need to perfect their cooking skills as well as gourmet cooking skills. Your Sim will also have to be a great mixologist, even if they’re not pursuing this aspiration.

The milestones include:

  • Aluminum Chef
  • Captain Cook
  • Culinary Artist
  • Master Chef

When you become a Master Chef, you’ll earn the Fresh Chef reward trait. You’ll be able to cook food that will never expire and every Sim will get positive moodlets when eating your food. You will also unlock other awesome kitchen accessories.

This is the aspiration I chose for Martha.

I will discuss this more in another section, but your Sim has to constantly cook — even when they’re not hungry.

They not only had to satisfy the cooking skill and daily cooking for their career but also to accomplish goals.

Fortunately, you could accomplish both at the same time (for example, waiting for your Sim to cook when they’re inspired, which gains cooking skills, satisfies your daily cooking requirement, and will accomplish the “Cooking While Inspired” goal). But this will still exhausting.

Also, there’s a weird goal that I couldn’t achieve. Your Sim had to throw a dinner party. However, mine was unsuccessful. The parties don’t last long enough, making it difficult to achieve the goals of the party.

Best Rewards

As you accomplish goals, your Sim will earn points that you can use toward rewards. What are some of the best rewards for your Sim? Definitely invest in the Inspired and Confident potions when you can. Since my Sim always had a low fun bar, I got her the Instant Fun potion would put her in a positive mood.

Insta-Lean may also be beneficial. Since your Sim will be eating and drinking a lot, they will have the tendency to gain weight if you don’t make them exercise. The Insta-Lean potion will have them lose weight. I never used this on Martha but another Sim. I honestly noticed she never gained weight again after giving her this potion.

Stove and Grill Master is also a great reward since your Sim will create perfect dishes. Incredibly Friendly is ideal for mixologists, who are immediately liked by those around them.

Connections is an ideal reward for Sims of all careers since you’ll be able to easily make career connections. Savant helps you gain skills faster, which is ideal because cooking a ton of meals and making drinks all day is tiring for your Sim.

Skills to Advance in Your Career

All career branches require specific skills so your Sim can advance. So, what skills do your Sims need?

Levels 1-5 will require your Sim to gain both mixologist and cooking skills. If you choose the Chef career branch, you’ll have to also advance the gourmet cooking skill. Mixologists will also have to improve their charisma skills.

My Outlook on This Career Branch

This career branch is harder than it looks. First, your Sim always has to cook and make drinks — even if they’re not hungry or thirsty. Sims need to not only improve their cooking and mixology skills but also need to accomplish daily cooking and mixology goals.

Unfortunately, these costs come out of your pocket. And if your Sim isn’t hungry, most of this food will go to waste. Accomplishing these goals is better if others live in your house, but my Sim lived alone. So she often wasted food and drinks.

Many players are confused about gaining the mixology skill. I purchased a bar and made drinks at home, though other players said they would have their Sim tend the bar at nightclubs. I never did this, but I imagine you saved money and advanced your skills quicker.


Question: What Is the Highest Paying Job in Sims 4?

Answer: Well, it’s not Master Chef or Master Mixologist! At 14,868 Simoleons per week, the highest paying job is Interstellar Smuggler from the Astronaut career path.

Question: How Do You Get Promoted in the Culinary Career Path?

Answer: If you don’t use cheats, the best way to get promoted is to achieve all of the necessary skill levels, complete your daily tasks, and have a positive moodlet when you go into work. In addition, attend work every day and on time.

How Do You Start a Career in the Culinary Arts?

Answer: Go to your phone or computer and click “Find a Job.” A pop-up will appear that gives you a list of career options. Choose the Culinary Arts.
How Do You Join the Mixology Branch?
Start by choosing the culinary career path. Once you make it to level 5, you can choose the Mixology branch.

Can Sims Have Two Jobs?

As long as your Sim is older than a teenager, they can work two part-time jobs. However, the schedules need to be able to work around each other. There are five part-time jobs available, depending on which expansion pack you have.

Your Sim can also pursue a freelance career with a full-time or part-time job. They don’t have to work specific hours, just submit assignments by their deadline.

If you have the University expansion pack, your Sim can work and go to school. However, your Sim should have a part-time or freelance job if they go to school full-time.

Discover More Careers

The culinary career branch is perfect for Sims who are foodies. But both chef and mixologist career branches force your Sims to cook and make drinks constantly, even if they’re not hungry. This makes these career branches difficult.

There are a variety of other career branches in The Sims 4. Check them out here!

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