Sims 4 Business Career Guide: Move Over, Bezos!

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Let’s be honest: almost every one of us does not want to do house chores or work eight hours a day – but we don’t want mommy to get angry or to starve, do we? That is why it is all the more ironic that I spend most of my free time watching my Sims do house chores and work eight hours a day. No hate here; The Sims is one of my favorite games.

There are two types of Sims players; the first type just wants to make their Sims live the good life with mansions and glamour. The second one just watches their Sims’ life burn – literally. Or drown, or be crushed, etc.

For those who play the game to make their Sims successful, Sims 4 gives you 23 careers your Sims can choose from – though some are only available in DLCs and expansions. One of these is the Business Career. Watch your Sim successfully climb the corporate ladder and become a top dog – while you cry behind the screen because capitalism is a failure.

Fear not for sadistic players! Do you want to be powerful and successful and let everyone know it? Do you want to roleplay as the douchebag corporate that exploits the working class for your gain? If you wish to become Jeffrey Bezos, then the business career is the right track for every greedy, selfish and ambitious Sims.

Bottom Line Up Front

The Business Career is one of the 23 careers your sims could choose from in Sims 4. If you want your sims to be filthy rich, this career track gives sims opportunities to randomly earn extra money. After level 6, corporate sims can choose two branches; Managerial and Investor.

Like the other careers in the game, sims need to level up skills to get promoted. In the Business Career Track, you need to level up your charisma and logic skills if you want your sims to climb the corporate ladder.

There are also some traits and moods that could make your Sim’s climb to success much faster. Skills, emotions, and traits are influenced by how you design your Sim’s house and furnishing. Before starting the game, plan how to build your home to maximize the benefits.

Tips Before Starting the Career Path in Sims 4:

1. Choose the Right Traits in Sims 4

Each Sim is unique because of the combination of traits that affect all aspects of their lives. The sim traits made them more likely to have certain moods, prefer certain lifestyles, and interact with certain sims.

It’s not surprising that their traits affect their career performance. Some traits encourage sims to get themselves promoted quickly, while others could hamper it. Hence, you need to be careful in choosing your sims’ traits if you want them to have a shot at a business career.

Good Traits for Business Career Path:

  1. Genius – It’s probably one of the most important traits to possess if you want your sims to be successful in the Business Career Path. The trait randomly makes the Sims ‘focused,’ which is the ideal emotion for higher-level Business Career Jobs. Sims with Genius Trait would also have random ‘eureka moments’ during showers, improving a random skill the Sim already has.
  2. Ambitious – Like in real life, you need to possess ruthless ambitions to become the top dog. Ambitious sims perform well in their jobs, allowing them to be promoted much faster. They would also gain great moodlets for simply having a job, making it much easier for your sims to be happy.
  3. Connections – This trait is overpowered but expensive to gain. The Connection Trait allows the sims to start their careers in Level 4 (Regional Manager). However, you must be diligent in earning satisfaction points by fulfilling life aspirations and whims. Depending on your playthrough, it might take you generations before you can earn 2000 points.
  4. Entrepreneurial – This trait is just as expensive as the Connection Trait, costing around 2000 satisfaction points. Sims with Entrepreneurial traits are more likely to be promoted. Personally, I prefer this trait over connections because it benefits the Sim throughout their career. Connections, on the other hand, are merely a one-off note.

Bad Traits for Business Career Path:

  1. Lazy – Predictably like in real life, sims with Lazy traits are less likely to be energized, which is the ideal mood in the lower levels of the business career. This would tremendously affect the sims’ career performance badly. The lazy trait also conflicts with the Ambitious Trait.
  2. Socially Awkward – Socially Awkward would make it much harder to level up Charisma due to their general interactions being affected by the trait. You need Charisma to have a promotion in the business career along with logic.
  3. Loner – similar to Socially Awkward traits. Sims with Loner traits will receive negative moodlets when interacting with people. This trait would limit Sim’s ways to level up Charisma, which is needed to be promoted.

2. Skills needed for a Business Career

In real life, to become a successful businessman, you need to be good at strategizing and talking to people. That is why in Sims 4, two skills are required to be promoted; Logic and Charisma.



Logic is one of the classic skills that sims can learn. It is an excellent skill because many careers require it – one of them is the business career. One of the simplest ways to level up logic is to play a game of chess — multiple times a day.

Another way to increase logic is to buy logic books vol.1 – vol.3, especially if your sims have bookworm traits. Observatories and microscopes would also improve it.

Also, buy furnishing that encourages sims to be ‘focused.’ Sims will learn logic skills much faster if they are ‘focused.’



Charisma is one of the classic skills that sims need to learn to climb the corporate ladder. It is a reasonably straightforward skill to learn. All your Sim needs to do is to buy a mirror and practice talking multiple times.

You can also level up Charisma through talking with other sims and reading charisma books. The convivial lot trait is a useful one to have because it gives you a boost of 50% in developing Charisma, mischief, and comedy.

Business Career in Sims 4

Business Career in Sims 4

Description: “Synergy! Efficiency! Planfulness! If the mere sound of these industry buzzwords gets you buzzing, then a business career might just be the right fit for you!”

Like the other career paths in Sims 4, the Business Career will have the starter track from levels 1 to 6 before branching off to different directions. After level 6, corporate sims can choose managerial or investor tracking.

So, you created your Sim and plopped them into the Sims World with little to no simoleon because they used all of it to buy a decent house. Now they need a job because we don’t want them to starve to death, right?

But you realize that an eight-hour minimum wage job would not give your Sim a massive mansion filled with $$$ furniture (just like real life). They need a high-paying job. Fast. You look at the career opportunities and notice that maybe the Business Career Path would give them the shot to live in a mansion. Your Sim’s workplace would be at Dewey, Cheatem & Howe Incorporated.

Starter Track in Sims 4 Business Career

Mailroom Technician

Mailroom Technician

Description: “Far from the days when postal correspondence was the lifeblood of a thriving business, today’s mailrooms have been made all but obsolete with the rise of email. Still, somebody’s gotta distribute all the online shopping deliveries! < Sim first name> will have to keep his/her energy level up to get noticed… and elevated from the mailroom! He/she can now Fill Out Reports on the computer and Gossip About Office Romances”.

Your sims will only live for a few months before they wither and die, but still, your sims will not suddenly become successful in one day (just like real-life). They still find themselves at the bottom of the corporate ladder; Mailroom Technician.

Your Sim will work from 9 am until 5 pm from Monday to Friday for a measly §16/Simoleon per hour. Your Sim’s energy will drain, so you need to make them energized as much as possible to be effective at their job.

Save enough money to buy a mirror and a small bookshelf to improve their logic and charisma skills. Use the weekend to develop your sims’ skills instead of weekdays. Doing it on weekdays would leave sims with little time to replenish their energy for their job, which might affect their career performance.

Your Sim will be promoted to Office Assistant once they reach level 2 in Charisma. So, prioritize your Sim’s Charisma but do not neglect logic because it is needed later on.

Office Assistant

Office Assistant

Description: “It’s amazing how much assistance an office needs. The more energy <sim first name> has, the more he’ll/she’ll get done. The better his/her social skills, the more recognition he’ll/she’ll receive”.

You are promoted! You manage to gain §130 Simoleon as a bonus. You get new clothes and new interactions. You also manage to gain your very own (stolen) nameplate!

Don’t celebrate just yet because the top of the ladder is still far ahead. Office Assistants still have the same schedule as your previous rank but with a higher pay of §20/hour. So, you need to make sure that your sims will be energized and practice your Sim’s skills during the weekend.

To be promoted to the next level, you need to reach level 2 in both logic and Charisma. If you were diligent in developing your skill, then it will only be a few days before the next promotion will be in sight.

Assistant to the Manager

Description: “It’s not quite the management track, but it’s the next best thing, isn’t it? After all, the manager only has one assistant…”

You are promoted once again! During your promotion, you will receive a bonus of §156 simoleons, a SALES award, and new interaction.

Your job sounds very fancy already but doesn’t get ahead of yourself, take note of the ‘to the’ in your title. Take a look at your measly increase of only §23/hour. The top dog is still far away. Continue on with our strategy of practicing your skills and keep them energized. For the next promotion, Assistant Manager requires your Sim to have level 4 charisma, so you need to prioritize that skill.

Assistant Manager

Assistant to the Manager

Description: “This is it… almost. Ok, so <sim first name>’s not a manager yet. Surely, he’s/she’s next in line for the position. It’s time to build those people skills for when he/she has people to boss about, er… manage.”

Congratulations! You are now a true and thorough Manager. Assistant Manager, that is. You can feel that your fortunes are turning in your favor. I mean, just look at that huge leap in your salary from §23/hour to §35/hour!

Now that you are in your own office cozying on your own desk, the ideal emotion for a manager is now confidence. With your salary, try to buy furnishing that would make your sims confident before going to work.

But it is not enough; it was never enough for you and your Sim’s ambitions to be merely an ‘assistant.’ Not even §187 bonus! So, you let your Sim continue practicing in the mirror until your Sim reaches level 4. Your Sim will become Regional Manager in no time.

Regional Manager

Description: “<sim first name>’s the man/woman now! … Or at least the manager of a region of the company. That means he’s/she’s got to keep working on his/her people skills if he/she wants an even bigger slice of the pie.”

Yet another step has been taken. You are now in charge of a certain region already – your very own kingdom to tyrannize manage! You finally tasted some semblance of power, and now you have the saying ‘once tasted, always wanted.’

As the new Regional Manager, you manage to receive §281 simoleons, new clothes, and pie presentations. You also now have a salary of §53/hour – that’s a lot of money already.

Stay confident, and stick with your schedule in developing your skills. Though by this time, you just need to level up your logic by one level so that you will be promoted in a few days.

Senior Manager

Senior Manager
Image From Sims Fandom

Description: “<sim first name> has proved himself/herself as a manager but he’s/she’s got her sights set on the next level. Whether he/she wants to be an executive or a financial whiz, it’s time to put the effort in and make it happen.”

You’re not just a manager; you are THE manager. As a Senior Manager, you will enjoy a bonus worth §527 and the tiny tranquility garden. Your salary is now raised from §53/hour to §75/hour. That’s big money, but you’re halfway there, imagine how much money you can earn the further up you go.

What now? After Senior Manager, your Sim would have to choose two branching paths. The first branch is Managerial, and the other one is Investor. It’s up to you which branch you would take, but here is my take on the pros and cons of each branch:

Managerial Branch in Sims 4 Business Career

Business Career
Image From Sims 4 Fandom

Description: “Should everyone be laid off and replaced by robots? Should the company logo be redone to include more llamas? These are the types of critical decisions you would be making should you choose to venture down the path of management.”

The Managerial Branch is one of the two branches of the Business Career. The rewards in the Managerial Branch are items and furnishing that boost the sims’ confidence. The Managerial Branch also puts more emphasis on Charisma than Logic.

‘Make Business Calls’ is an interaction unique to the Managerial Branch. You can find this interaction in your home telephone; making calls would help your career performance – promoting you faster. A successful call will boost your Sim’s confidence, while a failed call embarrasses them.

Do the interaction after working hours because of the chances of a failed call. A failed call will give you an embarrassed moodlet which could badly affect your career performance. Don’t forget to psych up your Sim before going to work to make them confident.

The Managerial Branch is much more stable than the Investor; thus, this branch is much more fitting for Sims, who does not want to risk their hard-earned money.


Job Wages Schedule $/day Daily Task & Promotion Requirements

Reward for Promotion

7 Vice-President $90/hour Mon-Fri 10 am-6 pm $720/day Make Business Calls, Reach Level 6 Charisma, Level 5 Logic $746, Executron Executive Desk Throne
8 President $134/hour Mon-Fri 10 am-6 pm $1072/day Make Business Calls, Reach Level 8 Charisma, Level 6 Logic $1074, Executron Bookshelf, New CAS Parts
9 CEO $201/hour Mon-Fri 10 am-6 pm $1608/day Make Business Calls, Reach Level 10 Charisma, Level 8 Logic $1612, Executive Guest Chair
10 Business Tycoon $375/hour Mon-Tue, Thu-Fri 10AM-6PM $3000/day Make Business Calls, Go to Work! $2417, Executron Executive Desk

Investor Branch in Business

Investor Branch in Business
Image From Sims Fandom

Description: “It takes Simoleons to make Simoleons. Optimize your investments through diligent research and try to turn piles of Simoleons into even bigger piles of Simoleons!”

The Investor Branch is another branch you can choose in your Business Career. Many reward items you can receive in the Investor Branch give you ‘focused’ moodlets. Focused is very important if you decide you want your Sim to become an investor because the focus would make logic increase faster. Focused Sims also have a higher chance of a successful investment.

The Investment Branch also offers a unique interaction which is called ‘Researching Stock,’ which gives you a focused moodlet. What makes the investor branch unique is that you can actually invest your money in stocks. Like investing in real life, there is a possibility that the money you invest will grow large or disappear – depending on your luck.

Essentially, the investor branch allows you to earn extra money through investments but with high risk. This path is for players who believe in the saying ‘high risk, high reward.


Job Wages Schedule $/day Daily Task & Promotion Requirements

Reward for Promotion

7 Futures Trader $112/hour Mon-Fri 8 am-4 pm $896/day Research Stocks, Reach Level 5 Charisma, Level 6 Logic $746, Executron Personal Stock Ticker
8 Hedge Fund Manager $145/hour Mon-Fri 8 am-4 pm $1160/day Research Stocks, Reach Level 6 Charisma, Level 8 Logic $1343, Executron Desk Pen Set, Give Fake Investment Tips Interaction, New CAS Parts
9 Corporate Raider $218/hour Mon-Fri 8 am-4 pm $1744/day Research Stocks, Reach Level 8 Charisma, Level 10 Logic $1746, Chronos Magazine (Framed Collector’s Edition Issue)
10 Angel Investor $406/hour Mon-Tue, Thu-Fri 8AM-4PM $3248/day Research Stocks, Go to Work! $2619, Executron Executive Desk

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: What is the Fastest Way to Improve Charisma and Logic in Sims 4?

Answer: The fastest way to improve Charisma is to buy a mirror and practice talking to it. The fastest way to improve logic is to play chess.

Question: How do you get the Business Career in Sims 4?

Answer: The Business Career is part of the Sims 4 base game. Although it was not available during release, it was included in patch nine along with the Athletic career track.

Question: How do you Research Stocks?

Answer: All you need is to buy a PC. Click on the PC, then click on ‘Web.’ You can find ‘Research Stocks’ as one of the options.


If you want to get rich, the Business Career Track is probably one of the best ways to earn money. Its required skills are very simple to level up. It has a high salary, and the opportunity to make money through investments is perfect for a game about life simulation.

For players who like the roleplaying aspect of the game (like me), having a ton of additional options compared to the base game is the best outcome. However, I think that these jobs should have been part of the base game and not as a DLC. Nevertheless, I am happy for what we have.

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