Sims 4 Athlete Career Guide

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Do you feel insecure when you see yourself in front of the mirror? Do you wish that all your fats magically disappear? Or maybe, you want to instantly build muscles to become the next-door Adonis? Then let us burn those calories and hit the gym!

Oh, your Sims are the ones hitting the gym. Silly me. Of course, you don’t want to hit the gym. Why would you do the jogging, the lifting, and the benching, when your Sims could do it behind the screen? That’s what the game is all about!

Goodbye Beer belly, and hello to Six-pack abs! It’s time to make them fit, wake your Sims early, and point them to the nearest gym. Some Sims need to work out as if their entire lives depend on it – it’s literally their profession.

The Athletics Career is one of the many career paths that you can choose for your Sims. It is an easy career to accomplish with tons of benefits. Do you want to set up your Sims for quick promotions to become the pinnacle of Human Physical Perfection? Then this blog is perfect for you.

Bottom Line Up Front

The Athlete Career is one of the 23 Careers your Sims can choose from. At Level 5, Sims can choose two branching paths; the Bodybuilder Path and the Professional Athlete Path.

This Career Path requires Sims to be fit and gregarious to be promoted to the next level. With this in mind, you must find ways for your Sims to increase their fitness and charisma skills. Fortunately, it is easy to increase both stats.

Some aspirations and traits synergize with the Career Paths. Keep in mind that there are also traits that could negatively impact your Sims’ performance. Choose carefully which traits and aspirations you want for your Sims.

Your Sims’ emotion also played a big part in your Sim’s career performance, so better stack lots of moodlets. You can get these moodlets by properly furnishing and doing certain actions.

Ideal Traits to Have in Athlete Career in Sims 4

Traits are the building block of your Sims’ personalities. Sims interact and behave in specific ways based on the set of traits that were assigned to them. Squeamish Sims becoming uncomfortable at the sight of garbage and Slob Sims unaffected by it are great examples of this mechanic.

Traits also influence the Sims’ inclination to specific activities and hobbies. Players are encouraged to play along with the Sims’ preferred activities to get powerful moodlets. Ignoring your Sims’ hobbies would negatively impact your Sims’ emotional state.

Choose carefully which trait your Sims will get if you decide to make them pursue the Athlete Career. Pick any traits that could substantially increase the speed of leveling up Charisma and Fitness skills and avoid. You need to avoid traits that negatively impact their career performance in Athletics.


Athletic Trait
Image from Wiki Fandom

Choosing the Active Trait is a no-brainer. This trait is needed to speed up the increase of your Sims’ fitness skill level. Active Trait make Sims energized randomly – an ideal emotion to boost career performance. Sims with this trait enjoys exercising, filling their fun meter while working out. Oh, Sims with Active Trait will also live for a longer time than average sims – though it does not mean an increase in survival.

The only downside of Active Trait is that they will get a negative moodlet if they do not exercise for more than a day. This downside is mitigated by the trait’s unique interaction in which Sims can exercise on the ground without feeling energized.


Bro Trait
Image from Wiki Fandom

Do you even lift bro? Athletic Sims perform better when they are ‘energized’ so it is encouraged to maintain that mood. Sims with the Bro Trait will get ‘Energized’ from watching sports which works great if paired with the Active Trait. Sims with the Bro and Active trait will become much more energized, often allowing them to power through all the promotions.

Sims with Bro Trait will also gain the ‘Hanging with Bros’ moodlet if there are fellow Bros in the areas. With common traits and hobbies, your Sims could easily make friends in the gym. Friends are important because they are great partners for your Sims to practice their charisma skill level – another skill needed for the promotion.

The only downside about Bros is that ‘Hanging with Bros’ is only applicable if there are other Sims with the Bro Trait. However, this downside is nothing because Bro-Sims are usually found in a public gym.


Outgoing Trait
Image from Wiki Fandom

Aside from Fitness, another skill needed to be promoted in the Athlete Career Track is Charisma Skill which is harder to improve. Outgoing is needed because it encourages the Sims to interact with others with good moodlets. Sims with Outgoing Traits would have an easier time increasing their Charisma Skill level.

The Outgoing Trait is also great in pairing up with the Bro Trait because it significantly makes it easier for them to interact due to sharing the same trait and hobbies. Sims with these traits will have their moodlets stacked, which benefits their career performance.

You have to be sure that your Sims will keep socializing with others to avoid negative moodlets. Fortunately for you, the public gyms are filled with like-minded Sims to interact with. Your Sims can talk with other Sims while working out, improving their charisma and fitness skills.

Traits to Avoid in Athlete Career in Sims 4

Some traits could help your Sims find success in the Athlete Career. However, some traits could negatively impact your Sims career performance, so avoid them.


Loner Trait
Image from Wiki Fandom

Sims with Loner Traits prefer not to have company and are contended with staying in their room. Alone. Avoid the Loner trait because it will definitely hamper your Sims’ Charisma Skill, which is one of the skills needed to get a promotion.

Sims will also not get the Outgoing Trait if they have the Loner Trait since the two are conflicting traits. Loner Sims will also get negative moodlets if they are around other Sims. The only way to increase charisma is by practicing in the mirror or reading a skill book.

Getting the Loner trait would also mean that working out in a public gym is a no-go since it is usually a crowded place. Getting the negative moodlets associated with the Loner Trait might change your Sims’ emotions, which in turn, could affect your Fitness Skill and career performance.


Lazy Trait
Image from Wiki Fandom

It is self-explanatory why you should avoid the Lazy Trait if your Sims are pursuing the Athlete Career.

Sims with Lazy Trait might have extreme negative moodlets if you forced them to exercise or even do chores! Lazy Sims rarely get Energized and become tense if they work out. If your Sims have the Lazy Trait, just give it up and find another career that does not require physical labor.

Socially Awkward

Socially Awkward Trait
Image from Wiki Fandom

Socially Awkward is even worse compared to the Loner Trait. Not only does the Socially Awkward make leveling up Charisma painfully slow like Loner, but there is also a chance for conversations to fail.

It is even possible that many sims in your town will hate your Sims because of failed conversations, making friends becomes a challenge. Like the loner trait, the only way for Socially Awkward Sims to build their Charisma is by talking to the mirror or reading a book.

Like the game is telling Socially Awkward players that everybody secretly hates them. Geez EA, thanks for the pep talk.

Aspirations Needed in Athlete Career in Sims 4

Sims 4 Aspirations Sims 4 Athlete Career Guide
Image from Wiki Fandom

Aspirations are your Sims’ lifelong goals. Selecting an Aspiration for your Sims is very crucial because it gives your Sims bonus traits and rewards that could tremendously impact their career performance. Here are my recommended Aspirations that your Sims must have to blaze through the Athlete Career.

Body Builder

The Bodybuilder is one of the two Athletic Aspiration alongside Extreme Sports Enthusiast. Honestly, unlike the other Aspirations on the list, the Bodybuilder does not give you any boost in leveling up your charisma and fitness skill.

The Bodybuilder bonus trait, High Metabolism, only benefits the Sims aesthetically since it allows them to burn fat or develop muscles much faster. Completing this aspiration rewards the Sims with the Long-lived trait, allowing your Sims to live longer than your average Sim. Long-lived Trait does not improve your Fitness and Charisma skills as well.

If the Body Builder Aspiration does not boost your fitness and charisma, what good does it do for the Athlete Career? Simple, your Sims can complete the milestones even in their teens since it does not require your Sims to join any career.

By the time your Sims reach the young adult stage, their Fitness Skill is high enough that you only need to focus on your Sims’ charisma when they become Young Adults.

Milestone Objectives
Basic Trainer Your sim must workout for 8 in-game hours.


Your sim must work out on a gym.

Exercise Demons Your Sim must have Level 4 Fitness Skill.


Your Sim must ‘push the limit’ while energized.

Your Sim must purchase at least two workout equipment.

Fit to a T Your Sim must have Level 6 Fitness Skill.


Your Sim must jog for 2 hours.

Your Sim must exercise for 10 in-game hours.

Bodybuilder Your Sim must have Level 10 Fitness Skill.


Your Sim must maximize muscle and minimize fat.

Friend of the World

The Friend of the World Aspiration focuses on making lots of friends. It sounds simple, but it is actually a challenging aspiration to complete. Filling up the relationship bar takes so much time just to become friends with one Sim.

Luckily for you, this Aspiration grants you the bonus trait Gregarious, allowing you to build relationships much faster. I suggest taking this Aspiration after completing Bodybuilder to get more Satisfaction Points.

What makes Friend of the World great is that once you complete the Aspiration, it rewards the Sims with the trait Beloved, which means that your relationships will never decay. Your Sims need their friends to socialize and level up their Charisma Skills.

Milestones Objectives
New in Town Your Sim must introduce themselves to 10 Sims.


Your Sim must have at least three friends.

Well Liked Your Sim must meet someone new in three different locations.


Your Sim must have Level 4 Charisma Skill.

Super Friend Your Sim must have 12 Friends


Your Sim must have Level 6 Charisma Skill.

Friend of the World Your Sim must have 20 Friends.


Your Sim must have a BFF.

Your Sim must have Level 10 Charisma.

Strategies to Be Promoted in the Athlete Career in Sims 4

Do Not Neglect Your Sims’ Skills

Charisma Skill
Image from Wiki Fandom

Every career requires specific skills before you can proceed to the next promotion. So, you need precious time to level up the required skills before you hit the Elderly stage. Luckily for you, the Athletic Career has at least two days off per week, allowing your Sims plenty of times to hit the gym.

I suggest you take your Sims to the public gym. This is true especially during the early game because it provides your sims with workout equipment that is very expensive to own. Another benefit of going to the gym is that Sims would randomly talk to each other, allowing you to level up both Charisma and Fitness skills.

Raising a Sim when they are still Toddlers is preferred over starting as a Young Adult because you have plenty of time to develop skills. Do the Athlete Aspiration when your Sims are in their teens because you don’t need a job to complete it.

Do Not Neglect Your Sims’ Needs

Sims Boxing

Sims are people too. They have needs to be fulfilled. This is especially true since this is a physically demanding career. You must balance fulfilling your Sims’ needs and developing their skills. Planning your Sims’ weekly schedule is crucial for your Sims’ success.

Neglecting your needs would result in your Sims underperforming or even refusing to work. Your Sims will also get numerous negative moodlets that would jeopardize your Sims’ performance. So, just like in real life, your Sims must be given enough time to sleep to replenish their energy. Send your Sims to the toilet or shower if their Hygiene and Bladder are now low.

That is why you need to develop your skills during the rest days. After working, your Sims must fill up their needs before sleeping. Daily Tasks are optional, but it hastens your promotion, so do it if you have enough time before bed.

Don’t fret about Fun and Socialization, your Sim could achieve both of them while they are working out together with friends and family. If the rest days are still far away, a little ‘woohoo’ can do the trick.

Setting Up the Mood

Confident Mood

Certain activities and careers require a specific mood so that your Sims can maximize their performance or increase the chance of success. The ideal mode of the Athlete Career and its later branch, Professional Athlete is ‘Energized’.

There are plenty of ways to get your Sims energized. The most common way is to make your Sims do a brisk shower before going to work or a cup of coffee. Another way to make your Sims energized is to place posters in a room though you need to move up the Athlete Career ladder if you wish to obtain it as a reward.

The Bodybuilder Path’s ideal mood is ‘Confident’ since this branch focused more on Charisma than Fitness. To gain confidence, all you Sims have to do is to psych themselves up in the mirror or brush their teeth before going to work.

Athlete Career Levels in Sims 4

Sims can choose between Bodybuilder and Professional Athlete by Level 5.

Career Level Job Title Wages per Hour Objectives
1 Waterperson §16 Work Out
2 Locker Room Attendant §19 Level 2 in Charisma and Fitness Skill
3 Team Mascot §28 Level 2 in Charisma and Fitness Skill
4 Dance Team Captain §39 Level 4 Charisma and Fitness Skill

Professional Athlete Branch in Sims 4

Professional Athlete Career
Image from Wiki Fandom

The first branch that you can choose after reaching Level 5. The Professional Athlete is essentially just the same as the lower levels just with higher salaries and more rewards.

Professional Athlete Sims can study their opponents as their daily tasks. It usually only takes 2hours and it could hasten your climb to become Top Dog.

Career Level Job Title Wages per Hour Objectives
5 Minor Leaguer §51 Level 5 in Fitness
6 Rookie §66 Level 6 in Fitness
7 Starter §86 Level 5 in Charisma and Level 8 in Fitness
8 All-Star §130 Level 6 in Charisma and Level 9 in Fitness
9 MVP §242 Level 8 in Charisma and Level 10 in Fitness
10 Hall of Famer §333 No more promotions

Bodybuilder Branch in Sims 4

Sims Working Out

The second branch of the Athlete Career is the Bodybuilder Branch. Unlike Professional Athletes, Bodybuilders’ ideal mood is the confidence which means that your Sims must brush their teeth and psych themselves up before heading back to the gym.

This branch allows Bodybuilder Sims to ‘Mentor Fitness’. All you need to do is to click on a Sim with a lower Fitness Skill and click the mentor fitness button.

Career Level Job Title Wages per Hour Objectives
5 Personal Trainer §47 Level 5 in Charisma and Level 8 in Fitness
6 Professional Bodybuilder §57 Level 9 in Fitness
7 Champion Bodybuilder §85 Level 6 in Charisma and Level 10 in Fitness
8 Trainer to the Stars §149 Level 7 in Charisma
9 Celebrity Bodybuilder §279 Level 8 in Charisma
10 Mr. or Mrs. Solar System §500 Go to Work

Frequently Asked Questions About Sims Athlete

Question: How do you Mentor Fitness?

Answer: Your Sim must be a bodybuilder to get this interaction. All you have to do is to click on a Sim that is working out and click on the ‘Mentor’ button.

Question: How do you ‘Study Opponents’?

Answer: Your Sim must be a Professional Athlete and a PC to get this interaction. Click on a PC and then click the ‘Study Opponents’.

Question: How do you get the Mascot Outfit?

Answer: You can obtain the Mascot Outfit once you reach Level 3 of the Athlete Branch.

Athlete Career: Is It The Right Path For Your Sims?

The games tried to replicate our daily lives with a sprinkle of ridiculousness here and there. Of course, your sims will be out of shape if they won’t work out. You must be careful in choosing your Sims’ traits and aspirations. Planning your Sims’ weekly schedule is highly recommended.

It is also essential to develop your Sims’ charisma skill. You can do this by selecting traits that make interacting with other Sims much more successful. You can find plenty of Bros for you to interact and make friends inside the gym. Overall, if you want to become a Top Dog in the Athlete Career, start pointing your Sims towards the gym.

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