Sims 4 Conservationist Career Guide: All You Need To Know

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When Sims 4 Island Living was first teased, most in the Sims community, especially those who’d played the glitched-filled, but beloved, Sims 3: Island Paradise, expected a tourist destination with resort-style living.

But the world of Sulani, and a brand new conservationist career, guided some unexpected gameplay.

Gone were the tourist beaches, replaced by the breathtakingly gorgeous islands of Sulani, a new culture, and a new focus. In an interview with Gambyte, producer Jill Johnson explained that they wanted Sulani to reflect gorgeous coral reefs, water and beauty, but in a dynamic way.

That dynamic nature, Johnson explained, is reflected in the conservation career:

“We knew from very early on that we wanted a way to let players impact their world…[h]aving the world change dynamically based on what the player has done was a concept that felt really creative and Sims-y to us, so we were fascinated with the idea…

We also knew we wanted to add an element of conservation and preserving the island for this pack to help convey our love and respect for the area while giving our players a way to make a positive impact too. It just felt natural and right.”

But what is this conservationist career, and how can you make the most of it? Consider this your guide to navigating the conservationist career in the Sims 4: Island Living. I’ll tell you my tips for getting started, playing, and even game features and mods that can enhance the career.

What Comes With Sims 4: Island Living?

Sims 4 Island Living is an expansion pack, perhaps among the most anticipated, released in June 2019. Instead of the tourist and vacation themes of past Sims games, such as Sims 2: Bon Voyage and Sims 3 Island Paradise, this expansion focuses on a connection to local culture, nature, and even a touch of spirituality.

Local Culture and Customs

While players gave this pack mixed reviews, one thing that stands about Island Living, especially from packs in the past, is the emphasis on local culture and new customs.

This includes island events, like barbecues; the ability to meet spirits, or ancestors; discussing folklore with natives; and enjoying local food at the tiki bars.

Gorgeous Setting

Even those who rank Sims 4 Island Living lower are hard-pressed to deny that it’s stunning–perhaps the most stunning world to ever grace the Sims franchise.

From the breathtaking sky to the tranquil waters, every lot is gorgeous. I especially love frequenting the waterfall, the volcano, and watching the sunset as my sim longues in a floaty or searches for an (interactable) dolphin. You’ll also see turtles, seagulls, and other wildlife. Though you can see coral, you can’t scuba dive.

New Jobs, Careers, Traits and Aspirations

In addition to the new conservationist career, you’ll get part-time jobs, perfect for working parents, teens, or elder sims. These include rabbit holes, lifeguards, divers, and fishermen.

The Beach Life aspiration doesn’t add much depth to the gameplay but does guide you through the expansion’s new features. The Child of the Ocean trait will make your sim an avid lover of water activities; the Child of the Island trait allows your sim to meet the ancestors of the island.


You can also make a new mermaid occult in creating a sim. You can also meet them in the world. The animation and customization are gorgeous, though there is no real challenge to becoming a mermaid. Mermaids can use a siren song to influence moods; swim more quickly, and summon dolphins.

Other Features

Other features in Island Living include gorgeous build/ buy items; themed CAS items for all ages and genders (but the most for feminine sims); objects like towels, fish traps, water scooters, canoes, and bonfires, and a new radio station.

How do you Become a Conservationist in Sims 4 Island Living?

In order to join the conservationist career in Sims 4, you can technically live in any world, but it’s most practical to move your Sim to Sulani (the world that comes with Island Living), as you’ll do most of your work there.

To join the conservationist career, use your Sim’s smartphone and navigate to “Careers”. Scroll down until you see the Conservationist career.

How Does the Conservationist Career Impact Sulani?

What I admire most about the conservationist career in Sims 4 is that it guides you to transform and impact the world around you, and the beaches of Sulani. You’ll be able to monitor the island’s health with a pop-up window that shows its current status, but you can also see it from the beaches you wander.

As you complete daily tasks, the beaches will become more clear of trash (which you can also pick up yourself) and you’ll unlock new events. These include baby turtles hatching, more wildlife appearing, and even the coral reefs becoming more brilliant in color.

The island clean-up includes 3 stages, from the beginning stage to the pristine. Other Sims can also impact the environment by cleaning up trash, but the conservationist career has a faster impact.

It’s subtle at first, but the changes really do make Sulani all that more stunning, and, while I wish there were more consequences, it’s interesting to see a literal impact your sim has on their world– a theme that is repeated, more or less, in The Sims 4: Eco Lifestyle expansion pack.

What Skills and Traits are Helpful for the Conservationist Career?

Logic Skill

The main skill to focus on is logic, which is needed for promotion for career levels one through six. The logic skill, like all other skills, has up to 10 levels.

You can increase the logic skill in a number of ways: playing chess or a card game; painting a mathematical design while in a focused mood; using a telescope or microscope; reading a logic book and analyzing collectibles.

Helpful Traits

The genius trait will help your sim gain the logic skill more quickly.


If you choose the Environment Career track, you’ll need to work on your charisma skill. This skill can be improved by practicing in a mirror; talking to other sims; donating to charity, and social networking on a computer or smartphone.


If you opt for the Marine Biology career track, you’ll focus on fitness. Fitness improves by any physical activity, such as using exercise equipment (rock wall, treadmills, weight lifting machines); swimming or jogging; skiing and snowboarding (requires the Sims 4 Snowy Escape expansion), and anything else physical.

Helpful Trait

The Active trait helps gain fitness skills more quickly.

What are the Different Career Levels of the Conservationist Career?

You’ll be able to decide from two tracks– the Marine Biologist or the Environmental Manager. However, for levels 1- 6, you’ll start with the general conservationist career, and decide your branch after that. I recommend focusing on getting through the career, then selecting the branch based both on your sim’s interests and skills. You can reach up to a level 10 in your career in both branches.

Levels 1 Through 6

In the general conservationist career, you’ll get a blend of rabbit hole assignments and daily tasks. Daily tasks are active in nature, which means they require you to perform specific actions, much the way the scouts after school activity from Sims 4 Seasons works, or the hybrid politician career from Sims 4: City Living.

In addition to the mentioned tasks, you may also need to take pictures and clean up trash off of beaches.

Level/ Name Pay/hr & Hours Skills for Promotion Active Tasks
1 Wildlife Enthusiast $14; 8am-4pm M, T, TH, F, S None None
2 Field Assistant $18; 8am-4pm M, T, TH, F, S Logic 2 Discuss Conservation with others
3 Land Surveyor $25; 8am-4pm M, T, TH, F, S Logic 3 Discuss Conservation with others
4 Wildlife Technician $37; 8am-4pm M, T, TH, F, S Logic 4 Discuss Conservation with others
5 Nature Historian $43; 8am-4pm M, T, TH, F, S Logic 5 Discuss Conservation with others
6 Conservationist Director $62; 8am-4pm M, T, TH, F, S Logic 6 Discuss Conservation with others

Levels 7-10

For the more advanced levels of the conservationist career in Sims 4, you’ll need to decide between the two career tracks. Part of this decision should be based on your sim, but also what you enjoy.

If you enjoy being actively involved in your sim’s work, I recommend the Marine Biology track. If you’d rather just send your sim off to work and not play out their day as much, go for the Environmental Manager career.

Marine Biologist Track

The marine biologist track is my favorite part of the conservationist career, as you’re tasked with exploring and surveying wildlife on a daily basis. It’s also a great option for sims that are more fitness oriented.

Level/ Name

Pay & Hours

Skills for Promotion

Daily Task

7- Ocean Observer $87; Tues-Sat 8am-3pm Logic 8



Fitness 2

Survey Wildlife
8- Fisheries Specialist $130; Tues-Sat 8am-3pm Logic 9



Fitness 4

Survey Wildlife
9- Aquatic Ecologist $208; Wed- Sat 8am-3pm Logic 10



Fitness 6

Survey Wildlife
10- Master of the Marine Affairs $325; Wed- Sat 8am-3pm N/A Survey Wildlife

Bonus/ Career Reward

Once you reach Level 10 of the Marine Biology branch of the conservationist career, you’ll get the Master of the Seas trait, which helps both scuba diving and befriending dolphins; as well as a new wetsuit.

Environmental Manager Track

The environmental manager track is a great option for charismatic sims. You will still have a daily task of preparing grant applications, but overall it takes less active effort on your part.

Level/ Name

Pay & Hours

Skills for Promotion

Daily Task

7- Conservationist Regulator $127; M-F 9am-4pm Logic 8



Charisma 2

Create Grant Application
8- Sustainability Specialist $178; M-F 9am-4pm Logic 9



Charisma 4

Create Grant Application
9- Environmental Ambassador $231; M-F 10am-4pm Logic 10



Charisma 6

Create Grant Application
10- Chief Sustainability Officer $340; M-F




N/A Create Grant Application

Bonus/ Career Reward

At Level 10 of the Environmental Manager branch, you’ll be rewarded with the Natural Speaker bonus trait (improves island health and grants are more easily approved) as well as a special camera.

Are There Any Mods for the Conservationist Career?

While I don’t know of any mods directly related to the conservationist career in the Sims 4, there are a few mods that can make your experience working in Sulani, and around Sulani wildlife, more immersive and enjoyable.

Also remember to download mods from secure sites; unzip files, and add them to your Mods folder under Sims 4 Documents. Also, test one mod at a time and download Sims 4 Studio if you want to be able to detect and manage your mods folder.

Here are some of the best mods for enjoying the conservationist career, as well as the Island Living expansion pack.

Little Ms. Sam’s Snorkel Anywhere Mod

Little Ms. Sam is one of the most talented creators in the Sims 4 modding community, and she impresses again with this simple but great mod.

The snorkel anywhere mod, as the name implies, expands where your sim can go snorkeling, which can be both helpful and make your experience more enjoyable. Without the mod, you can only snorkel at boys, which can be rather limiting. Download Here.

Merman Simmer’s Swim With a Dolphin Mod

When you buy Sims 4 Island Living, you can interact with dolphins, but you can’t swim with them. If you complete the conservationist career’s Marine Biology track, this mod is a natural complement. You can now swim with dolphins to your heart’s content. It’s a minor mod, but still a fun addition. Download Here.

Peacemaker’s Island Living Build Mode Additions

These pieces of custom content add to the already interesting build/ buy mode for anyone who not only wants to play out the conservationist career but also lives out their Sulani dreams by building a house that’ll stand out.

As with nearly everything Peacemaker makes, these build/ buy items are excellent quality, perfect for the theme, and maxis match style, meaning they’ll fit in naturally with the game. They include recolors, from windows to archways. Download Here.

Scarlet’s Island Events Notification Enabled

One of the frustrating aspects of the Island Living events is that many players don’t get properly notified, meaning it’s easy to miss them unless you happen to walk by one, and that’s especially true if you’re busy working your way through the conservationist career.

This small mod offers pop up notifications, just like you gtev with Sims 4 City Living, alerting you when an event is happening. This includes fishing competitions; BBQs and potlucks; and special celebration days. Download Here.

MC Command Center

MC Command Center is honestly one of the best mods for Sims 4 in general, but also helpful for managing the conservationist career and enjoying Island Living to its fullest.

MC Command Center allows you to tweak so many aspects of your game, including but not limited to: aging; dressing; NPCs; pregnancy; story progression; population controls, and more. Download/ Learn More Here.


Question: What degree does a Sim need for the conservationist career?

Answer: The Sims 4 conservationist career doesn’t require a specific degree. However, if you do own Discover University, the economics career is the closest fit for the environmental branch, as it emphasizes skills of both charisma and logic. You can also pursue a biology degree for logic skills.

Question: What happens if you keep the island clean in Sims 4?

Answer: One way the conservationist career is compelling is that it guides you to clean up the island of Sulani. The clean up takes place in three different stages, with each one making the world a bit brighter. You’ll notice the litter disappearing, the water and coral becoming brighter, and more wildlife, including turtles, hatching. However, aside from aesthetics, the island doesn’t have a much wider impact.

Question: Can you live in Sulani in Sims 4?

Answer: Sulani, the world that comes with Sims 4: island Living, is fully residential. But with the new patch update (free, with the base game, and available to all players) that allows you to create rental lots anywhere, you can now also vacation there, too.

Final Thoughts

The conservationist career in Sims 4 is a semi-active career that allows you to explore the stunning world of Sulani and impact the wildlife you encounter on a daily basis. With some helpful traits, it’s pretty easy to navigate through, which can be positive or negative depending on your gameplay style.

But without a doubt, the Sims 4 conservationist career is unique and may just be a new fun way to get invested in the game for a while.

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