12 Best Sims 4 Challenges To Try: Dare To Finish These Exciting Games!

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When Sims Spark’d, a reality TV show for Sims 4, was announced in 2020, simmers were startled– but one thing that show did tap into? How some of the best challenges, when you give them a try, can make Sims 4 more fun when it’s feeling stale.

While the Sims has been known as a sandbox game, part of that has always been community and open-ended challenges. While some challenges have been around for a long while, it seems Sims 4 was the era of more and more challenges.

The problem? Now, there are so many challenges it can be hard to even know what to try! Consider this your guide to getting started with, and picking a challenge. I guarantee you it’ll add a new dimension to your Sims 4 gameplay in 2021 and beyond.

How do you start a challenge in Sims 4?

Getting started with a challenge in Sims 4 isn’t difficult. What I love about Sims 4 challenges is that it’s entirely up to you how you play. I know many simmers tweak a challenge to their own liking.

Think of these challenge rules as general guidelines. You should even feel free to create spin-off challenges of your own! Just make sure that if you make a modified version of the challenge and decide to make any form of a public post that you give credit to the original creator.

In order to start, select a challenge that interests you. Review the rules, and decide if you will follow them exactly or want to make adjustments. Make sure your game is in good working order, especially if you’re attempting a gameplay challenge. Check to see if any custom content is allowed.

What are some fun Sims 4 Challenges?

Now I’ll tell you my picks for some of the most popular and entertaining challenges for Sims 4, for gameplay, build and buy mode, and create a sim mode. No matter how you play, there’s a challenge for you.

Sims 4 Gameplay Challenges

Gameplay challenges range from quite long – it can take people months or even years to complete challenges like the 100 Baby Challenge or legacy challenge – to quite short, depending on what pace you play at, what rules you follow, and how diligent you are.

Gameplay challenges are fun to play alone, but even a great way to spice up your content if you’re a creator in the Sims community.

The Bachelor/ Bachelorette Challenge

Sims The Bachelor Challenge

The Bachelor Challenge is one of my favorite challenges for stirring up drama– and this comes from someone who’s never cared to watch the hit TV series.

The Sims 4 Bachelor Challenge was created by XUrban Sims, a content creator and EA Gamechanger who’s known for mod reviews and drama-packed LP’s. The main objective of this challenge is to find a romantic partner– and you can mix the gender of contestants and host in any way you like.

Every day has a new objective, from greeting and getting to know guests, to rules for elimination rounds, and how contestants earn group and individual dates. The original rules require no relationships outside of the bachelor/bachelorette house, and mix in events like speed dating, house parties, and more.

There are also rules for extended dates for the final contestants. Once a sim is eliminated, they are taken out of the house. Read the Rules Here.

My Tips

I highly recommend also officially calling off the relationship when a contestant is eliminated. I’ve played this challenge both in Sims 3 and Sims 4; you may want to consider downloading an attraction system mod for Sims 4, as well as the Slice of Life mod if you can. The attraction system mod can make the romance feel more impactful while Slice of Life adds realism.

Not So Berry & General Legacy Challenges


Legacy challenges are some of the most popular in Sims 4 – and perfect for swimmers who enjoy combining family gameplay with some challenges.

The main objective for most legacy challenges is to accomplish certain tasks, careers, and certain relationships during a specific time, and play through several generations. Even if you play on a shorter life span, these challenges aren’t meant to be rushed, but rather enjoyed over time.

You can find countless varieties of legacy challenges, but perhaps the most well-known is the original legacy challenge. This challenge essentially serves as a backbone for all legacy challenges, with suggestions for customization if you own certain packs, as well as different levels of difficulty. View Full Rules Here.

Not So Berry, meanwhile, is perhaps the most popular specific spin-off of the classic legacy challenge. The Not So Berry Challenge was created by Lilsimsie, an EA Gamechanger, YouTuber and streamer who has over 1 million followers on YouTube alone.

This whimsical take follows many legacy challenge guidelines, with the twist of your sims and households having the mimic ‘berry-inspired’ colors for different generations. View Full Rules Here.

My Tips

Legacy challenges, I’d argue, are the most open to customization. Legacy challenges are best suited for people who like long-term challenges and family gameplay, but you in fact could undertake occult-based legacy challenges. I also think adding a bit of your own storyline can really showcase the best aspects of a legacy challenge.

100 Baby Challenge

Sims 100 Baby Challenge

Technically, you could argue that the 100 Baby Challenge could function as a legacy challenge, but it certainly has its unique set of challenges.

The 100 Baby Challenge, as it sounds, challenges you to have 100 babies. You are supposed to accomplish this using a female sim for as long as possible until she passes the task down to the next generation. The key is to have 100 babies with as few generations as possible, but trust me when I say it’s going to take a while.

In addition to having 100 babies – with every pregnancy with a unique partner – you’ll also need to raise these babies, up through the teenage years. All children move out once they’ve aged to a young adult, with the goal that all children grow up well, both emotionally and in terms of their grades.

It’s a long and daunting challenge – one many have attempted, and few have completed, but it’s certainly worth a try if it interests you. Read Full Rules Here.

My Tips

Make the most out of teen sims while they’re still in the household. They can take on part-time jobs, and help younger siblings with homework. The normal rules do allow for services like maids or butlers, should you be able to afford them.

If you want to increase your fertility rate, do one of the following: work towards the Fertile reward trait, add the On Ley Line house trait for a better chance of twins, get a fertility massage (requires Spa Day) or use the wishing well from Romantic Garden Stuff. Just be aware that having too many multiple births can be overwhelming.

Decades Challenge

Decades Challenge Sims

The decades challenge combines legacy gameplay with a historical twist – making it a stand-out in my mind, and a way to really refresh your gameplay.

The Decades Challenge typically starts in the 1890s and goes up through the 2010s (or beyond). Each generation is marked by a different time period, with rules for relationships, everyday activities, and, of course, how you dress.

On the official rules page, you will see that it’s been updated fairly recently, in order to accommodate the additions of new Sims 4 packs. The Decades Challenge is certainly a longer one, but every generation feels unique due to the specific rules, and in some ways, may hold your attention for longer. Read the Full Rules Here.

My Tips

The Decades Challenge can be played without any packs, though some packs can help in terms of decor. For instance, Vintage Glamour, Get Together, and even Snowy Escape may be helpful.

But even more helpful is the custom content community– to be honest, it’s hard to really play the Decades Challenge without custom content, especially for the first half of time periods.

For historical Sims 4 custom content, your best bet is to look at this Tumblr Historical CC Finds, or this Sims 4 History Challenge CC Finds. Pinterest is a possible resource, but links are often broken; you can also find some options on Sims Resource.

Rags to Riches Challenge

Rags to Riches Challenge Sims

Rags to Riches is one of the most versatile Sims 4 challenges– it doesn’t matter what packs you have, where you live, or what sim you play with. It’s also a great challenge not only for Sims 4, but Sims 2 and Sims 3 as well.

You can play either as a short-term challenge ($50k simoleons and a furnished home) or a longer-term challenge (often, one million simoleons and even playing different generations). Any way you play, the goal is start with nothing and work your way up.

Typically, a Rags to Riches challenge begins with no funds, and no shelter. You can only have another sim in your household after you’ve built a house with a roof.

It’s a highly customizable challenge, and likely that’s why it enjoys so much popularity. Read the Full Rules Here.

My Tips

For a bigger challenge and more authentic experience, I recommend having your sims barred from traditional part-time and full-time jobs and earning money through activities like painting, gardening, collecting, and writing. The off the grid lot trait also can make the challenge more interesting.

You can supplement a challenge like this with the world that comes with Eco Lifestyle and the pollution system.

Runaway Teen Challenge

Runaway Teen Challenge Sims

The Runaway Teen Challenge requires you as a teen to live on your own, avoiding contact with adult sims and avoiding school. Since you start out with no simoleons, this obviously will appeal to fans of the Rags to Riches challenge.

You’re not allowed to hold down a part-time job, have access to appliances or electronics, and cannot use another sim’s appliances. On the strictest settings, you even have to deduct ten simoleons every time you travel. To survive, you’ll have to rely on fishing, collecting and gardening.

The Runaway Teen Challenge does not have a set ending, except for surviving to become a young adult. Depending on what life span you’re playing on, it can be a moderately short, but certainly difficult challenge. Read the Full Rules Here.

My Tips

Make the most out of fishing, digging and collecting. Gardening is also a great way to make money–especially if you have a Sims 4 Gardening Guide to help you out. While you can’t hold down a part time job, I also like painting to make money, even though it does take a while until you’ll be earning as much.

Start off by sticking to your lot as much as possible, but of course, venture out when you really need to. Be selective about what season you start in– each brings its pros and cons.

Black Widow Challenge

Looking for a more sinister take on Sims 4 gameplay? One of my favorite challenges for Sims 4 is the Black Widow Challenge. The objective is to marry 10 sims for their money– and devise ways to kill each subsequent spouse. You show your aptitude as a ‘good wife’ with dinner parties after each marriage, and continue to enrich yourself.

Most often, you start as a young adult and plan on a normal life span, with the goal to marry and ‘eliminate’ all 10 spouses before your sim becomes an elder.

Keep in mind that the Sims 4, without a mod, does not really allow you to directly kill another sim. Instead, you’ll have to use some imagination and plan out different deaths, such as electrocution, starvation, drowning, etc.

Obviously, this challenge is a little dark and not for everyone, but it does make for an interesting storyline and certainly different and exciting gameplay. Read the Full Rules Here.

My Tips

Make sure to scope out potential spouses for their income. Randomly generated sims are likely to have the base of $20K simoleons. You can see around how much a sim is worth by looking at premade townies in the world and clicking on their household. If you want even more challenges, try playing for a short life span.

For a spin-off, I love the Celebrity Gold Digger Challenge by English Simmer. This requires the Get Famous expansion pack, and you’ll have many of the same objectives – but with the added twist of trying to gain fame by marrying (and killing off) other celebrities. Read the Rules Here.

Build/Buy and CAS Challenges

Under build and buy and CAS challenges, these are all great challenges that don’t require live mode at all – and are great ideas if you’re feeling creatively burnt out when it comes to creating sims, constructing residential or community builds, and just want some inspiration, these challenges are great options for anything from just a 5-minute challenge to ones that could take you hours (or even days). Here are a few of my favorites.

Color Restrictions

Color Restrictions Sims

Restrict or make rules for what colors you can use–both in BB and CAS modes. Solid color challenges require you to use only one color (for example, blue) for everything. This can be taken a few ways. For CAS, you might opt to make a Sim’s skin, hair, makeup and clothes all green.

For building, you could either make an entire home green, or pick a solid color for each room. Another twist on this is the black and white challenge, where you set your computer filters to grayscale and are forced to build or create a sim without knowing what colors you’re selecting. The end results can be quite amusing.

My Tips

Try using a color randomizer, like this one. I’d recommend shying away from your favorite colors, or the ones you’re often drawn to. Consider CC-free solid color challenges, and use the helpful filters in both CAS and BB to sort by color.

Time Restrictions

Time Restrictions Sims

Especially popular for building, but also for CAS, setting time restrictions on how long you have to create a furnished home and/ or creating a sim can be both stressful and fun at once. 5 and 10-minute build challenges are most common–something I myself have tried a few times and failed spectacularly at.

For a 10-minute build challenge, the goal is to have the basics essentials: a roof, a kitchen, somewhere to sleep, and a bathroom, for instance.

For CAS, usually, something like a 5 minute CAS challenge requires you to just create a sim, one outfit, and select their name, traits, and aspiration – but the charm of these challenges is that you can customize them to your own liking.

My Tips

Use your phone to set a timer, and work quickly– but not so quickly you end up forgetting what you’re doing. For a build, I recommend setting down the core essentials first. I see many builders worry, for instance, how well landscaped the home is.

If you have time at the end, add those finishing touches– but even making a tiny home in a matter of minutes is a feat.

Base Game Only / No CC / Pack Restrictions

For both CAS and building, challenge yourself to get rid of your cc for this challenge, and consider building and making sims with only certain packs, or even just the base game.

It can be challenging, frustrating, but also rewarding. You’d be surprised how many items there are you may normally ignore due to other packs or custom content. In a way, it’s both fun and makes you appreciate what content you have all that much more.

My Tips

Not sure what direction to take these pack restrictions? Consider trying the random pack generator. For a spin-off, you can also try a build or creating a sim using only items you strongly dislike.

Random Genetics Challenge (CAS only)

Random Genetics Challenge (CAS only) Sims

I’ll end with a true classic. The random genetics challenge, for CAS mode, is a great way to create sims you normally wouldn’t. You use the dice randomizer to randomize every element of a sim, from their facial features to their body shape, hair, and even fashion.

Next, make a sim of the opposite gender and do the same thing. Hit the play with a genetics icon to create their child. Now, it’s your job to give their child a makeover, without changing anything about their core characteristics and body type.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do you make Sims 4 more fun?

Answer: Make Sims 4 more fun by adding ways to refresh your gameplay. I recommend Sims 4 challenges, creating storylines, or even browsing Pinterest for inspiration. Playing with one pack at a time can make you more appreciative of each pack’s unique features.
If you can, downloading mods can also freshen gameplay. For realism, I especially recommend Kawaii Stacie’s mods. Of course, buying a new pack can make things more fun too.

Question: Does Sims 4 have multiplayer?

Answer: As of now, there is no official multiplayer mode for Sims 4. However, there is an experimental Sims 4 multiplayer mod that some swimmers have tried.

Final Thoughts

Challenges can be a great way to freshen up your Sims 4 gameplay- whether you’re a family player, occult player, or love spending time in build and CAS mode. And quirky modes like the Furry Mod, or even mastering something like gardening in the Sims 4 can add a fun dynamic to those challenges. Happy simming!


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